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Big brands join hands to realize cross-border marketing on the racing wheel around the lake

at the just concluded China cycling high-end forum, the international road cycling race around Qinghai lake once again became the focus of the forum. This brand event has effectively driven the rapid development of sports industry in our province and played an obvious driving role in other industries. It is precisely the value of "on the wheel" of the lake race that Qinghai Rural Credit Cooperatives, together with a mainstream German carmaker, have just purchased a new cannon e-system 5 enhanced equipment agency, FAW Volkswagen Audi, China UnionPay and other major brands to join hands in the lake race and play cross-border marketing

the round the lake race has gone through 14 years since its birth. Under the guidance of internationalization, specialization and marketization, the Organizing Committee of the round the lake race has continuously strengthened its investment promotion, actively opened up the market, and opened up the channel of cooperation between the race and the capital market by putting in the investment promotion advertisement of the round the lake race and listing the investment promotion right in Shanghai United Property Exchange. As an international sports event with independent intellectual property rights in China, the lake race has gradually developed into the top cycling event with the highest level and the largest scale in Asia because of its regional uniqueness, the mystery of customs and the challenge of sports. In 2011, the Lake Race achieved inter provincial cycling for the first time. Now, the race around the lake has achieved the coverage of Qinghai, Gansu and Ningxia provinces, which also injects a stronger driving force for the race around the lake, resulting in more vigorous vitality

in 2015, Qinghai Rural Credit Union named the race around the lake. For the first time, all four honorary shirts were named, and all 13 stages were famous. The functional instructions of the plug-in force tester were master, which made a great breakthrough compared with previous years. It is worth mentioning that Qinghai Rural Credit, with a history of more than 60 years, as a local financial institution in our province, has played an irreplaceable positive role in the development of local economy and "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" in our province. Now, the two brands have joined hands to show the world the great beauty of "green, humanistic and harmonious Qinghai". Wudu natural glacier running water, peak sports, and tianyoude highland barley wine, which has been named for two events, have become strategic partners of the lake race. FAW Volkswagen Audi provided vehicle sponsorship for the event. China UnionPay, sendiko cycling equipment, Zhengxin tire, PICC Property Insurance and other sponsors continued to cooperate with the organizing committee. Nowadays, as a mature large-scale international event, the Lake Race contains huge business opportunities, so it has also become a "must compete place" for major brands and witnessed the growth of Chinese brands

win win cooperation. The round the Lake Race provides a huge platform for major partners to show themselves, and the participation of these big brands provides a strong driving force for the round the lake race. After this year, the situation will be reported to the Environmental Protection Bureau of Wujin District. The lake race will usher in the 15th race, which is also an important node in the development history of the lake race. One belt, one road organizing committee, has been preparing for the expansion of the lake race. It has expanded the connotation and extension of the lake race. Combined with the national fitness strategy and the strategy of ecological civilization construction and the "one belt and one way" strategy, it has been a new starting point for the Centenary lake to further enhance the popularity of the lake race and enhance the position of the cycling race in the bicycle race. Meanwhile, the bicycle sports in Qinghai are under the guidance of the round lake competition. The issue of building Qinghai Province into a famous cycling Province in China has been officially put on the agenda of the provincial government's sports development in the 13th five year plan

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