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Summer is the off-season for decoration, and the wooden door market also ushers in midsummer “ Cold winter ”. Reporters recently visited the city's major wooden shopping malls and found that most of them were unpopular and had few customers. Various businesses have taken measures such as limited time promotions and anniversary store celebrations to attract popularity, but the effect is not satisfactory, with little effect. The interviewed consumers unanimously said that only when businesses offer more discounts than usual can they form a real attraction to customers

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home decoration is less in hot summer, and home decoration meets the off-season

summer has never been considered a good time for home decoration, because home decoration in summer is affected by air humidity, which is prone to problems, which makes many people who prepare home decoration flinch& ldquo; It's too hard to decorate in summer. You can't leave the house every day because you run building materials and focus on projects. When this house is decorated, you will get heatstroke if you are not tired to death& rdquo; Mr. Yang, a citizen who just received the new house, said that he decided to decorate it after the summer, which can avoid the heat and is not easy to have problems with the decoration

many owners are also worried that the rainy phenomenon in summer will affect the overall decoration effect. The humidity is high, and it is easy to damp. Wood furniture will be deformed due to moisture. In addition, because it is wet, we often encounter the problem that the latex paint is moldy and stale because it dries slowly. If you repeatedly apply putty or paint when the putty is not completely dry, and lock too much moisture in it, the wall will appear “ Sweating ” Phenomenon, even large-area cracking. And with the rise of room temperature, the release of harmful gases in various building materials and furniture will also increase

boss liang of xiangbainian furniture store in Huanghai Minsk home Plaza told reporters that the concept that summer is not suitable for decoration formed by consumers for many years has not been easily changed. June, July and August have become difficult for building materials and home furnishing businesses “ Long winter &rdquo

in addition, some insiders believe that in March this year, the overweight of the real estate regulation policy also brought unspeakable damage to the home furnishing market downstream of the industrial chain. As for the general environment of the home market in 2013, the insiders predict that the industry's difficulties will be alleviated in 2013, but under the premise that the real estate policy is still strict, the future of the home market will still be “ The cold wind is biting ”, 2013 is a year when the home furnishing industry faces both challenges and opportunities

in the off-season of sales, merchants play a low-cost brand

until now, many wooden door shopping malls have weak sales performance, and the current wooden door industry is moving forward with a heavy load& ldquo; We have no choice but to reduce profits and offer substantial preferential promotions& rdquo; Mr. Wang, a dealer in gujiamumen, lamented that due to the lack of popularity in the consumer market, the conventional promotion mode of discount promotion is still important to attract consumers' attention “ Magic weapon &rdquo& ldquo; We just want to use the anniversary store celebration node to implement discount promotion& rdquo; Mr. Wang told reporters

on June 30, the city coordinate home shopping mall launched a high-profile 6-hour limited time promotional activity. On the same day, the reporter saw in a wooden door store of coordinate home shopping mall that a double bed made of wood and board was marked with the original price of 12800 yuan and the promotion price of 3900 yuan, with a price difference of nearly 10000 yuan

at the same time, the reporter saw in another well-known sofa brand store that the original price of a living room sofa marked as 6000 yuan was only 2888 yuan, and the price difference between before and after was more than double. A dealer of coordinate home told reporters that the event is limited to the same day, and the price is absolutely the lowest, “ The factory price is lower than that of relatives and friends& rdquo;

merchants promote, and consumers don't buy it

the “ Absolute lowest price ”, Some customers said, “ It's very doubtful& rdquo;& ldquo; Don't you see that you see too much and buy too little? Who knows which price is the true bid and which price is the false bid& rdquo; The customer, Ms. Liu, told the reporter that she hoped to get a greater discount than usual& ldquo; In terms of promotional policies, customers hope to have free choice, rather than make it too complicated and make people fall into the clouds& rdquo; Ms. Liu added

some consumers who are preparing or in the process of decoration say they don't care much about the activities of home stores in midsummer, “ Even if there are activities, they can't compare with the promotional efforts of May Day, national day or new year's day. Home decoration is a project that takes several months to complete, and you don't care to wait longer when shopping& rdquo;

in the interview, the respondents unanimously said, “ Give a more favorable discount directly ” Is the most attractive form of promotion. It is not difficult to see that consumers have lost patience with flashy and deceptive promotions

in addition, some businesses said that at this time, promotional activities are not entirely for profit, but mainly to increase exposure and prepare for the decoration climax in the second half of the year to attract consumers

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the off-season market of wooden doors is not terrible. Don't have the off-season thought

the off-season of wooden doors is not terrible. Brand service should be grasped with both hands

the off-season marketing brand and service of wooden doors have become the main way to attract passengers




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