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Now in Hunan, Guangdong and Guangxi, okman has a very stable foundation and a very mature layout. Next year, it will move to central China. Dealers can pay more attention

interview guest: zhuzhenfeng, general manager of Guangzhou Yabang Furniture Co., Ltd.

president Zhu: Oakman's 2014 is a year of laying the foundation. In 2015, we mainly do the overall adjustment of products. We have developed some new products. We have made 12 color wardrobes. What we need to do this year is to complete them; The second is to shorten our delivery time. The major problem faced by the customization industry is that the delivery time is relatively long. Therefore, Oakman has signed a detailed contract with upstream suppliers to ensure the supply within the agreed time, quality and quantity. For example, if I want E0 grade plates, E0 grade plates must be delivered according to the contract. Our supply chain is stable, and the on-time delivery rate can reach 95%

we still have a certain amount of inventory, and the raw materials of all parts are in stock, not a large number of orders, but all of them are available from stock; In case of overdue, our inventory mechanism will start immediately

the big change is that we began to segment products, pay attention to advertising, and no longer make cars behind closed doors. In 2015, we have begun to go out

China wardrobe: Nowadays, the home furnishing industry pays more and more attention to original products, and some enterprises will launch new products every year to continue differentiation. Does Oakman pay attention to differentiation

president Zhu: differentiation means I have it but you don't. It will make a deep impression on customers. If you say the same thing and make the same products as others, then people don't know why they buy your things. Okman attaches great importance to differentiation, which is the basis of survival. For example, okman launched tatami series and children's room series this year, which have okman's characteristics and clever design. In a short time, sales have been very good. Now children are more and more assertive, and parents will consider whether they can meet him. Children like it, and parents are happy to be parents. Now we have three types of baking varnish and melamine board, which are aimed at children's room series. The plate mainly cooperates with red cotton. We pay more attention to the stable quality of red cotton. The aluminum profile cooperates with love nest. Love nest has made rapid progress in recent years, which is obvious to all. We believe we can make progress with it

China wardrobe: Nowadays, dealers value not only investment promotion policies, but also business support policies. Then, what policies does okman have, can you tell us briefly

president Zhu: in fact, this problem is the most obvious in our Oakman team, and it is also what our enterprise pays most attention to. Since the establishment of the enterprise, we have always adhered to the core concept of moving the factory to the terminal. Whether it is from the preferential policies for investment promotion to the subsequent operation of each of our exclusive store agents, the macro data shows that the determination and action of our Oakman wardrobe marketing team are peers, Conscientiously implement it and do practical things. Try our best to realize the win-win strategy of manufacturers. In terms of investment promotion policy, there is no franchise fee, free samples, and full compensation for decoration. The factory carefully designs and plans for the store for free, and gives 10000 yuan gift packages for opening and the special session of the opening team is carefully planned and implemented. In terms of business support, we pay more attention to the growth of regional franchise stores and agents, and all nanny marketing assistance is more complete. Oakman has a full series of training in terminals, store managers, shopping guides, design and installation teams, Plus Oakman's unique boss responsibility training. Strategy training helps okman boss become a boss more easily

China wardrobe: at the end of September and the beginning of October, the general office of the State Council issued an opinion to strongly support o2o. Has okman implemented online and offline combined marketing now

Mr. Zhu: we mainly do propaganda online, and online order placing and exclusive store order receiving operations are a small part of us. When there is our exclusive store in that place, we let the local exclusive store do it. If there is no such store, we will make some standard cabinets. The standard cabinets are not complicated, and we have experience and are familiar with them. If there are more complex requirements, we still recommend going to the exclusive store

we also attach great importance to online sales and publicity, because now is the era of the Internet. If you look at your mobile phone casually and scan it, you will know whether there is an okman wardrobe, etc., which are all being planned and gradually implemented

China wardrobe: seeing that the end of the year is approaching, has Oakman achieved his planned goal this year? What are the goals for next year

Mr. Zhu: the target for 2015 is 60, which is still three months away from the end of the year, but has basically reached 85%. Now Hunan, Guangdong and Guangxi have a very stable foundation, have a very mature layout, and have a great influence on the surrounding areas. The layout of these three provinces is completed this year, and will move to central China next year. Dealers in Central China can pay more attention

as you said, old customers drive new customers. As long as they do well, they will recommend relatives and friends to build our brand together. The goal in 2016 is to open 100 more franchised stores

on October 1, we opened a franchise store in Zhaodong City, Heilongjiang Province. A large group company is the leading enterprise in Heilongjiang Province. It opened a shopping mall mode, with an area of more than 3000 square meters, striving to create a one-stop purchase, which is done in the mode of home life hall. In terms of wardrobe, we only chose our brand. I think it's very good. One stop bundling together, customers also get discounts. The boss also wants to expand the list. I believe that the form of life hall will increase in the future. They agree with okman very much. Okman is also gradually stationed in the northern market

next, we will continue to subdivide and slowly take the road of specialization. Now the plant has more than 3000 square meters, and we will move to bamboo materials in Baiyun District by the end of this year. The first is to operate better, the plant is larger, and the second is that talents will be more concentrated, and the development prospect is considerable




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