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At present, the common floors in the market mainly include: solid wood floor, multi-layer solid wood composite floor, ordinary solid wood composite floor, laminate floor, cork floor

at present, the common floors in the market mainly include: solid wood floor, multi-layer solid wood composite floor, ordinary solid wood composite floor, laminate floor, cork floor

at present, the common floors in the market mainly include these:

solid wood floor: processed from natural wood

solid wood flooring is directly cut and processed from natural wood, which completely retains the beautiful pattern and texture of natural wood. Because there is no adhesive, it is generally environmentally friendly. Solid wood floors generally need to be laid with keels when installed. In addition, the touch of solid wood itself is also better, so the foot feel of solid wood floors is very comfortable

solid wood flooring is delicate in use. If it is a bad wood species, it may deform and crack in a dry or damp environment. Its wear resistance is also low, so you can't drag furniture on it, and it's best not to wear outdoor shoes to walk on the solid wood floor, which may wear it. In order to maintain the gloss of the solid wood floor surface, it is best to wax once every 3 months

solid wood composite floor: multi-layer structure, with a variety of natural wood cutting boards, multi-layer composite together, the general surface layer uses high-grade wood with beautiful texture, and other layers use general wood

no matter what kind of composite method, this multi-layer structure is generally not easy to deform and crack, and the installation is relatively simple. Its surface is made of high-grade solid wood, which is no different from the solid wood floor in heel and appearance. It should be an ideal choice

of course, because it is multi-layer composite, it is inevitable to use adhesives, and its environmental protection is not as good as pure solid wood flooring

there is also a three-layer solid wood composite in the category of multi-layer solid wood composite flooring. Due to the small number of adhesive layers, the three-layer solid wood composite floor will be more environmentally friendly than the multi-layer solid wood floor in theory, but this has a very important connection with the glue used. If the glue is not good, it will exceed the standard at all, but if the glue is good, sometimes even if it is used more, it is still environmentally friendly

moreover, the technical stability of three-layer solid wood anti deformation is not as good as that of multi-layer, so some multi-layer solid wood composite floors are sold well in the market

products made of solid wood and MDF are often not cheap, and their stability is the best. However, it is recommended to buy multi-layer solid wood composite flooring, which is relatively safer in terms of environmental protection

the surface of the solid wood composite floor is also solid wood, so the wear resistance is also relatively poor. If it can be waxed regularly, it is beneficial to its maintenance

laminate floor: aluminum oxide wear-resistant paper is coated on the surface of composite wood such as density board to show different colors

the biggest advantage of laminate flooring is "solid leather". Qualified laminate flooring has a surface wear-resistance coefficient of more than 6000 turns, and some super wear-resistant ones will be stronger. It can be said that at home, it generally has no impact on dragging furniture on the floor casually, or walking on the floor casually wearing shoes. Its surface is a kind of wear-resistant paper, and the design and color are single, but now many domestic laminate flooring uses imported wear-resistant paper, The pattern is also very beautiful

because laminate flooring is composite wood, it is generally not easy to deform, just afraid of blisters. And many people say that laminate flooring feels bad. In fact, I don't think it matters. In my opinion, buying a pair of good slippers and walking on any floor feels good. After all, laminate flooring is the cheapest of these wood flooring, and its price sometimes is less than half of that of solid wood composite

cork floor: a floor made of special bark and the same material as the wine bottle stopper

cork flooring has only appeared in China in recent years




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