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Solid wood cabinet is indeed the best in the cabinet, and it is the best and most valuable overall cabinet

solid wood cabinet is the most valuable

solid wood cabinet is indeed the best in the cabinet, and it is the best and most valuable overall cabinet. This has been recognized not only by consumers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, but also by consumers in Harbin. Customers with strength and taste have taken solid wood cabinets as the first choice to buy overall cabinets. Other types of cabinets other than solid wood cabinets use artificial boards as the base material of door panels. Compared with solid wood, the advantages and disadvantages are self-evident

solid wood is completely collected from all kinds of pure natural wood, emitting the breath of nature, and the natural texture of solid wood is also welcomed by more customers. With the continuous improvement of solid wood technology, various carving patterns and rich paint film color processing, solid wood cabinets have more and more personalized characteristics, which can meet different preferences for decoration styles. In fact, in recent years, solid wood cabinets can be designed not only very classical, but also very fashionable. In addition, solid wood is old and new, not only will it not depreciate with the passage of time, but to some extent, it will continue to increase in value because of the increasingly precious wood. It is the most valuable cabinet with real name

solid wood cabinets can be divided into three categories

the current wooden cabinets are divided into pure solid wood, solid wood composite and solid wood veneer. Pune kitchen cabinet designer said that pure solid wood cabinets have high requirements for the consistency of wood species, which are natural as a whole and have good effects; Solid wood composite cabinet takes solid wood splicing material as the base material, and the surface is pasted with solid wood skin, which can also achieve the visual effect of solid wood; Solid wood veneered cabinets are double pasted with solid wood skins on the surface of density boards

the advantages of the latter two are to avoid color differences and defects of surface raw materials, achieve consistent texture color effect, and not easy to deform; Pure solid wood cabinets have high strength and long service life. The latter two kinds are more beautiful because of their uniform water property, deformation resistance. The price of all kinds of wooden cabinets varies with different wood structures

four styles are popular this year

nowadays, the cabinet industry has moved from a single development pattern to a diversified development path. The continuous innovation of technology and the continuous perfection of forms have led to the emergence of various popular styles of cabinets. Pune kitchen cabinet designers divided the style of cabinets into the following four categories through the analysis of several major domestic cabinet brands

country style country style cabinets mostly use solid wood materials, which have close to natural colors, and a large number of simple materials such as solid wood panels and hardware components are used. In addition, fine and smooth edge banding, straight and exquisite processes, and even gluing ensure the most accurate size and the most exquisite carpentry skills

classical style in terms of style expression, the simple dark red expresses noble temperament. The exquisite details, coupled with noble colors, make the simplicity and eternity show incisively and vividly. The collocation of black and red not only shows the antique flavor, but also ensures that it is not divorced from fashion. Coupled with the simple embroidery decoration, it shows the taste of the owner

modern style modern style cabinet design is the most ideological work. The modern style cabinet with decorative art and fashion features has the language of traditional and popular culture in the selection of color of surface materials and the modeling of thin feet on the cabinet surface. It can match with various characteristic family environments. The combination of color and style, the combination of strip and frame decoration and simple door panels, between tradition and fashion, noble but not extravagant, simple but not rough

advanced style this style is characterized by strong color contrast. The purple cabinet design is bright and mysterious. The use of avant-garde ideas for bold design, so that people can do housework in a fresh and clean environment





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