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According to relevant research data, in the next 3-5 years, the market demand for home decoration will increase by at least 650billion to 800billion yuan every year. In 2015, there were four Internet platform gimmicks in the real estate home decoration market, which was in full swing

in the hot summer, great people can't stop running

according to relevant research data, in the next 3-5 years, the market demand for home decoration will increase by at least 650 billion to 800 billion yuan per year. In 2015, the Internet platform of the real estate home decoration market was full of gimmicks and was in full swing; 2016 will be a valuable opportunity to upgrade the Internet strategy of the real estate, home furnishing and home decoration industry

therefore, with the help of the Internet, the home decoration industry is booming. However, for the traditional home decoration companies that have not had time to see the face of the Internet, the worst case is a devastating blow


not afraid

Weiye College's second home decoration marketing special training camp enrollment

we decided to lead our global partners to fight side by side, embrace change and challenge difficulties

remember the passionate may of the first home decoration special training camp, whether it's speech training or incentive practice, we can all remember it; In order to continuously strengthen brand marketing methods and systematic management mode, and create a group of marketing management generalists, we have carefully prepared dry goods II "home decoration marketing special training camp". Hope to help frontline home decoration partners cultivate their internal skills and meet challenges

if you come to study for one day

can double or even higher the sales volume of your products

teach you how to make the fastest regional brand position with precision marketing

improve market share, improve product sales

and even let you gain more Internet thinking and methods

I guarantee that you must be eager to know now, don't you

course details

enrollment objects: door and window operators, Weiye distribution partners, door and window sales managers Home decoration marketing enthusiasts

organizer: Guangdong Weiye group ・ Weiye college

registration time: May 29 - June 24

learning time: June 27 - July 3 (7 days)

position grabbing hotline: 18578337282 Lei Canmei

check in place: Zone A of changhongling production base of Guangdong Weiye Aluminum Factory Group Co., Ltd.

to ensure the effect of this special training camp, the following instructions are unique:

1. Students take it with them.Laptop

2. The number of students in this period is limited to 40! Seats are limited to 40

3. Before the start of the training course, all colleges that have registered must register one day in advance, go through the admission procedures and pay tuition fees

4. The head teacher pays attention to the training of the students all the way. Each person in charge will give each student a score at each stage. Finally, the head teacher will score the students according to the comprehensive score and the students' performance

score grade

excellent: 2000 yuan

qualified: 1000 yuan

unqualified: registered punishment

5. During the training, the whole process will be tracked by the head teacher





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