Children's room decoration Feng Shui common sense

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Children's room decoration Feng Shui common sense:

1. Adult beds cannot be used to replace children's beds. Here, there is not only the stress of growing up and growing up in Feng Shui, but also to prevent children from lying down when sleeping and causing danger

2. The door of the children's room should be kept closed at night, and the windows should be covered with curtains, which should be rolled up during the day, so that the fresh air and sunshine outside the windows are unobstructed; At night, the curtain will be pulled up, which will help block the influence of external sound, light and electricity, and make it easy for children to fall asleep

3. In order to reduce the risk of electronic radiation and electricity, it is best not to put televisions, video recorders, computers and other electrical appliances in children's bedrooms

4. Don't put mirrors and hang too many wind chimes in the children's room to avoid nervous decline caused by easy distraction

5. Children's toys should be mainly piano, car, Jilin and other toys that are conducive to enlightening intelligence, while dolls, animal toys and so on should not be closed or locked under any circumstances, so as to prevent children from having bad physical and mental tendencies since childhood. Wood is the best material for toys, unless your child should avoid wood in five elements. This is because wood is conducive to the growth of children, and the material is natural, strong and durable

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◆ what should I pay attention to in the children's room

because the children's room is the most vulnerable group, and their self-protection ability has not been formed or is about to be formed. When they fail to protect themselves, they should pay more attention to their safety

1. Children's room should not be close to the toilet and kitchen. Because the kitchen often has fumes, and the toilet is a place for defecation and excretion. Sewage and filth will be harmful to children's health, and over time, they will be restless and grumpy

2. The window table of children's room should not be too low. Too low is likely to cause children to fall from a high place, especially if the window is often open, pay more attention

3. Mirrors and wind chimes are not allowed in the children's room. Wind chimes made of mirrors and glass are easy to fall and break, which will cut children. Moreover, disordered images and sounds will affect children's mental dispersion and sleep and rest

4. Don't put some vicious pictures on the wall. Children will feel nervous when they see these paintings, and over time, they will bury the shadow of fear in their hearts

5. Lighting equipment should not be placed casually. Try to keep children away from the power supply. Wall lamps should be used for sockets and lights. Do not use old lamp holders, and do not use colored lights

6. Knives and other evil things cannot be placed in the children's room. Do not put kitchen knives, fruit knives, scissors, needles and other evil things into the children's room. First, they are dangerous, and second, they are detrimental to the healthy growth of psychology

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◆ what should we pay attention to in the bed setting in the children's room

1. The bed should not be close to the door. The door is an entrance and exit, and people move frequently, which affects rest and sleep and is not conducive to physical growth. Moreover, children are just growing up carefree, and a large amount of external information is pouring in, which will have a certain impact on children's thoughts

2. The bed cannot be set under the beam. The top of the beam will give people a heavy sense of pressure, especially for children, who are prone to nightmares, which will hinder their spirit

3. The bed should not be close to the windowsill. If the children's bed is too close to the windowsill, and the windowsill is the same as or lower than the bed level, it will be dangerous

4. Audio and television cannot be placed at the head of the bed. Modern audio and television equipment will affect children's mind and mood; And it will hinder children's vision and hearing

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◆ how to set the ceiling and four walls of the children's room

children are in a decisive growth period, and their personality abilities such as imagination, creativity and independence are in a state of learning hunger. They are very interested in discovering or inventing new things. You can hang a white board or cork board on the wall, so that children can have a small world where they can doodle freely and post freely. You can also use display boards or add a laminate rack in some small spaces to increase interest. In the design, a display space should be reserved so that they can write and draw by hand, fully explore children's imagination and creativity, and cultivate their independence

in terms of color, the zenith and four walls should be bright and light, combined with children's favorite colors, such as water loving wood, which can be mainly light green and light blue





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