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Wanshida wood industry can move forward steadily in the fierce market environment, not only thanks to the precipitation of Shida's 22 years of brand history, but also thanks to the strict quality control of Wanshida wood industry

the market competition is fierce, and enterprises that cannot adapt to the development of the times have closed down. The "survival of the fittest" under the market economy is constantly vigilant against enterprises. In the home furnishing industry, the development of enterprises not only needs to specialize in furniture design, but also needs to strengthen the company's business philosophy

Wanshida wood industry can move forward steadily in such a fierce market environment, not only thanks to the precipitation of Shida's 22 year brand history, but also thanks to the strict control of quality by Wanshida wood industry

in the fierce market competition, Wanshida wood strategically put forward the strategy of "quality breakthrough year", which is mainly due to the observation of log home furnishing market in recent years. In recent years, the log home furnishing market has been growing continuously, but many consumers have stagnated because of the repeated exposure of log product quality problems. In the year of quality breakthrough, we will put product quality at the core of enterprise production in a forward-looking manner, guide customers and friends to consume and eliminate their psychological concerns. Thus, enterprises can easily win the trust of consumers

raw material selection, wood curing, processing and production, offline testing, packaging and transportation all directly or indirectly affect the "quality". Therefore, it is very difficult to control the quality of log household products. Nevertheless, Wanshida wooden door still deeply recognizes that product quality is the core work of brand enterprises, and starts from the source to ensure quality first

Wanshida wood introduced a series of advanced equipment, which not only greatly shortened the delivery cycle, improved product quality, but also solved many industrial problems. For example, the secondary drying technology effectively solves the problem of wood moisture content. These hardware foundations have consolidated the log quality of Wanshida raw wood door and whole wood home. At the same time, in terms of "software", "5S on-site management rules", "enterprise ERP system" and so on ensure the quality of product production in terms of management. These management rules and systems have greatly improved the management efficiency of Wanshida wood industry in the production workshop, and improved the safety, reliability and standardization of production

Wanshida wood industry has raised the quality research to a theoretical level, and guided the daily operation and management of the factory by constantly demonstrating the necessity and feasibility of improving the quality of log products. Only with a high degree of thought, behavior can be enforced. Wanshida wood industry has always implemented this theme in the "quality breakthrough year". It is also because of such a high level of thinking that Wanshida took the lead in discovering many quality hidden dangers that enterprises have not been aware of, preventing them from happening and eliminating quality problems invisibly! As follows:

Wanshida wood industry firmly believes that product quality is the best spokesperson for the enterprise brand. The rock solid product quality will surely enable Wanshida wood industry to continue to move forward steadily and reach the peak of the home furnishing industry




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