Don't forget to protect the corner when decorating

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Reader consultation: should we install protective corner devices at home? Does it seem to add insult to injury

after consulting Mr. Zhang, the person in charge of languo decoration, the reporter learned that after decorating the ground and walls, it is inevitable to encounter a corner when moving furniture, and if the wall is damaged, it will be greatly discounted. In addition, after the decoration, if the children at home run around and accidentally touch the corner, the corner guard can play a role in cushioning the impact. The corner is often supported by hands, and the snow-white wall surface will leave stains, which will be black after a long time, while the corner with the parapet is easy to clean

ordinary families usually choose self-made wall corners, with two pieces of glass clamped on both sides of the corner to prevent the corner from being hit. However, it should be noted that the glass is fragile and easy to hurt family members, and the glass parapet corner is a combination of two pieces, so the protective effect is not good. The reporter visited the market and found that the materials of parapet corners sold on the market at present include acrylic, glass, PVC, etc. During installation, attention should be paid to whether the edges of the retaining wall corners have been treated with humanized rounded corners, whether the designs and colors match the whole home style, whether they are environmentally friendly, etc

Mr. Zhang said that many formal decoration companies will have corner guards installed. For example, when making external corners, PVC aluminum strips are added for internal and external corner treatment to better protect the impact of external corners. After decoration, the surface cannot be seen, but it still has a certain protective effect





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