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Yunyi communication enterprise internal office IP communication solutions 1. Company Profile Shanghai Yunyi Communication Technology Co., Ltd., located in Shanghai Pudong Sanlin Expo Software Park, is a professional manufacturer focusing on IP communication for a long time. With decades of technology accumulation and product experience, it has become a leading product and solution provider in the industry

the founding members of Yunyi communication are the first pioneers engaged in IP communication in China. They have more than 15 years of professional background and have a deep understanding and persistent enthusiasm for the industry. At the same time, it has a professional technical and marketing team, and the backbone members have an average of more than 5 years of working experience

the company has a number of patented technologies. Through independent development, it has a complete IP communication product line, from EPX series IPPBX products to AVS series soft switch platform, from call center to emergency dispatching command system, and also includes cap integrated communication platform that provides centralized services. With a number of outstanding products and R & D achievements, it has become a unique one-stop service solution provider in the IP communication industry

Yunyi communication will continue to adhere to the basic principle of customer first and people-oriented, constantly improve, explore and innovate, create maximum value for customers and contribute to the vigorous development of the industry

II. Yunyi IP voice communication system

background and challenges

facing the increasingly fierce competition, the following demands of enterprise customers are increasingly fierce

efficient communication and decision-making

reduce enterprise costs and save expenses

high telepresence experience

easy to use and manage

safe, reliable and adaptable

network topology (phase I)

Yunyi IP communication solution is connected to the company's internal local area through the deployment of a Yunyi EPX device in the company. As the core of the company's voice system, it meets the requirements for active and creative communication and cooperation among the staff of the special committee in different offices. At the same time, a Polycom MCU is deployed in the headquarters computer room, and the administrator can manage and dispatch the video conference

another digital relay switch is deployed in the headquarters computer room to connect to the local area of the company. The E1 port is connected to the external digital trunk line provided by the operator

employees deploy Yunyi IP on their desktops. Yicheng Xinneng self raised funds to invest in the project's phones, registered to Yunyi EPX through IP, and realized internal and external calls

the competent office deploys IP HD video phones to meet voice and video calls

a real system is deployed in the chairman's meeting room. Leaders can discuss that the plastic bag industry is a low profit industry at any time and enjoy face-to-face communication with real people

employees on business trips can access the EPX of the headquarters through the desktop or mobile terminal to participate in various calls or meetings

the recommended composition of hardware configuration is as follows (phase I):

Yunyi EPX device, as the internal core system of enterprise voice communication, can support 500 external lines and 500 channel concurrency at most, adopts standard SIP protocol, supports video coding H.263, and H.264 can support mobile iPad and terminal registration

how many manufacturers know about Polycom MCU equipment headquarters? The system access point size is configured with MCU capacity to achieve end-to-end 1080p ultra-high definition and ultra smooth image effect

as a desktop communication tool for ordinary employees, Yunyi IP phone adopts standard SIP protocol, has two RJ45 ports, can register two SIP accounts at the same time, and is equipped with a headset interface to facilitate employees' communication

the office in charge is equipped with high-definition video phone, which adopts standard SIP protocol, supports video coding H.263 and H.264, and can be connected to the company's video conference system

the chairman's office is equipped with real equipment and adopts 1080p image design to achieve the ultimate HD video experience

advantages and features of Yunyi IP voice communication solution

flexible mobile communication is applied to any device

seamless remote network application, through any, in any office node

seamless transfer, between various devices

flexible mobile communication is applied to any place

use the same tools to access the company address book and messages at home, on the road or in the office

to book and manage meetings, Instant chat, call or answer

reduce long-distance, mobile and international long-distance charges

easy deployment, support conference collaboration of various terminals

simple interface, make video conference easy to use, improve daily work efficiency

low cost desktop, mobile, or conference room video solutions

Yunyi IP voice communication solution summary

Yunyi solution provides the

you need Network topology (phase II)

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