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Experts have called the International Food Packaging Association a disaster and questioned the national development and Reform Commission. The International Food Packaging Association, which was once questioned by the media, recently reappeared. On the morning of the 30th, an exchange conference was held on the safety and quality of food packaging. The conference was mainly aimed at the quality of Instant Noodle paper bowls, disposable foaming plastic tableware and paper packaging varnish. However, the industry believes that this is a cliche and full of loopholes. Relevant experts claim that it has been misread

on the morning of May 30, the International Food Packaging Association said on the lifting of the ban on foamed tableware that since the national lifting of the ban on foamed tableware on May 1 this year, the country has not issued the corresponding market access system and implementation standards, especially the pollution problem caused by foamed plastic lunch boxes under the general situation of one-time distribution has not been solved. The association also said that there are still many problems with the reasons for lifting the ban issued by the national development and Reform Commission. For example, the quality supervision department still has not issued the market access system, and the recycling system and corresponding recycling policies have not been established and improved

it is understood that the International Food Packaging Association has also investigated the production environment, sales status, recycling and other links of the existing production enterprises of disposable foamed plastic tableware, and compared it with disposable non foamed plastic tableware. It is found that disposable non foamed plastic tableware is better than disposable foamed plastic tableware in terms of consumer cognition, market supervision, and recycling after abandonment

the Association believes that one of the reasons why disposable foamed tableware was put into the elimination catalogue is that the recycling mechanism is not mature, but up to now, this problem has not been solved. Strengthening recycling management and reuse is the fundamental to eliminate white pollution, so the aftermath of disposable foam tableware still has a long way to go. In addition, the association said that it would apply for organizing data to require the national development and Reform Commission to disclose the decision-making process and information basis of the government to lift the ban on foamed tableware

in addition to the lifting of the ban on foamed tableware, the International Food Packaging Association also raised the issue of using recycled paper and fluorescent paper for paper bowls, paper cups and other products at the meeting, once again mentioned the safety of the inner and outer packaging of the instant noodle bucket, and believed that both the inner and outer layers of the instant noodle bucket should use food grade paper. In addition, the International Food Packaging Association also issued a special release on the issue of varnish on the outermost layer

in view of the packaging problems of instant noodles and other foods, insiders believe that although the contents of this press conference are different from those before, they are old-fashioned and full of loopholes. Wangzhutian, head of the food standard cleaning technical group of the national food safety risk assessment center, believes that the International Food Packaging Association misinterpreted and distorted his original views when quoting his views

in addition, the relevant person in charge of the China Food Science and Technology Association also said that dongjinshi (vice president and Secretary General of the International Food Packaging Association) was indeed misreading and did not conform to science. It is understood that the hygienic standard for the use of additives for food containers and packaging materials (GB 9685) only provides for the inner packaging that directly contacts food, but does not provide for the outer packaging and other packaging that does not directly contact food, that is to say, this standard cannot be used to make requirements for the outer packaging

review: the fluorescent door incident led to identity problems

it is understood that in August 2012, the International Food Packaging Association released information that the fluorescent substances in the outer packaging of various instant noodle barrels, milk tea cups and other products exceeded the standard. This information aroused great concern of the society, but also affected the interests of some enterprises. In this regard, Hunan Satellite TV also invited the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of education, the school of chemistry and chemical engineering of Central South University, to carry out experimental tests. The results showed that there were indeed fluorescent substances in the outer layers of double-layer paper packaging such as disposable paper cups, instant noodle barrels and milk tea cups, but the fluorescent substances would not penetrate into the inner layers to pollute the food when brewed with boiling water

subsequently, the identity of the International Food Packaging Association was frequently questioned by the media. The Chinese economy has previously reported that the international food packaging woven bag is one of the materials that are now more and more frequently used. The association is a society registered in Hong Kong. The registration time was July 11, 2008. Dongjinshi is the executive vice president and Secretary General of the association. According to the letter of proof issued by the Ministry of civil affairs, the International Food Packaging Association did not register in the Ministry of Civil Affairs considering the resolution and operation convenience of the experimental machine. In addition, the State Administration for Industry and commerce was unable to inquire about the information of the association

in addition, at that time, the industry questioned that the association had no qualification to release food safety information. According to the food safety law, it was illegal to release such information at a press conference without any qualification, which was very lax and caused fatal harm to many enterprises. Issues such as the basis of the released report or changing the concept also surfaced, which was questioned by the industry as being suspected of illegal operation, and called it a pheasant institution. In addition, Beijing keyvia environmental protection technology consulting center, which jointly released information with the International Food Packaging Association, was questioned by both organizations to seek benefits from publishing false information and charge certain consulting fees to enterprises

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