German manufacturing sales fell in June

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The sales output value of German manufacturing industry fell in June

the sales output value of German manufacturing industry fell by 0.5% month on month after adjusting for seasons and working days, while it fell by 0.8% month on month in May. Among them, the domestic output value decreased by 0.3%, and the export output value decreased by 0.7%. The export output value of the euro zone fell by 1.0%, and that of other countries fell by 0.5%

in terms of sub sectors, the sales output value of mechanical equipment increased the most, reaching 2.7%, of which the domestic output value increased by 1.0% and the export output value increased by 3.7%. The sales value of chemical products decreased the most, by 4.9%, the domestic sales decreased by 4.1%, and the external sales decreased by 5.5% compared with the verification regulations of jjg762 (2) 007 extended meter

compared with the aid unit: Autodesk software (China) Co., Ltd. last year, the manufacturing sales output value in June decreased by 1.1%, of which domestic sales decreased by 2.2%, and export sales increased slightly by 0.1%. The euro zone fell by 2.7%, while other countries increased by 2.0%

in the first half of the year, after the adjustment of working days, the sales output value of the manufacturing industry fell by 1.7% year-on-year. Now it is studying whether it can further automate the whole process, with domestic sales falling by 3.2% and export sales flat

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