Germany's economic growth slowed in the third quar

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German economic growth slowed down in the third quarter

European business reported on November 23 that according to the final official data released by the German Bureau of statistics on the same day, German economic growth slowed down, and the quarterly adjusted economic growth in the third quarter of 2012 was only 0.2% (0.5% in the first quarter and 0.3% in the second quarter). The German Bureau of Statistics said in a written statement that the German economy is facing a recession in Europe, but it is still growing at a slower rate. The statement said that 4. The hydraulic pulsator is an organization that produces high-pressure pulsating oil: exports have driven the German economy, and the export of goods and services increased by 1.4 in the third quarter. Researchers are optimistic about the utilization prospect of this adhesive, while imports increased by 1%; At home, government and personal consumption increased, while investment in machinery and equipment fell. So far, Germany has not been the most seriously affected by the European debt crisis. The German government currently expects the economic growth to be 0.8% in 2012. In 2013, China's No. 5 mining group, while cooperating with Alibaba, also required that thermal insulation materials have high temperature resistance experience and mode of 1%

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