Germany imports machine tools from these 10 region

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China ranks seventh! Germany imports machine tools from these 10 regions

China ranks seventh! Germany imports machine tools from these 10 regions

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original title: China ranks seventh! Germany imports machine tools from these 10 regions

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German enterprises have always played a decisive role in the field of machine tools. Machine processing enterprises usually import German machine tools to improve the hard index of equipment, but even if Germany has great development advantages, some of their machine tools also need to import machine tools from foreign countries and regions

the latest top 10 importing countries/regions of German machine tools

Switzerland, Japan, Italy, Czech Republic, South Korea,

Austria, China, the United States, Taiwan, China, Poland

why can Switzerland, Japan, Italy become the top three importing countries of German machine tools? Let's see their strength through video

first place: Switzerland 1.162 billion euros

so far, most machine tools have been delivered to Germany by Swiss manufacturers. In 2018, the German company's recycling process can ensure that the migration of latent pollutants in food is less than 0.1 μ G/kg imported machine tool equipment worth 1.162 billion euros from Switzerland. Compared with the previous year, it increased by 13%, and still showed an upward trend

second place: Japan 417 million euros

Japan has always been extremely famous for its precision. Among the seven most famous industrial robot manufacturers in the world, Japanese manufacturers occupy four seats

in 2018, Germany imported machinery and equipment from Japanese machine tool manufacturers worth 417 million euros. Compared with the previous year, it increased by 4%

third place: Italy is 310million euros

different from the perception of the general public, Italy is rich in pizza and spaghetti. Italy is also the third largest importer of German machine tools. In 2018, Italian machine tool manufacturers sold machine tool equipment worth 310million euros to Germany, which was the same as the previous year

among the last few in the top ten, China and Taiwan are also among them, exporting machine tools with a large share to Germany, as follows:

Fourth: Czech Republic

the Czech Republic is a neighbor of Germany. In 2018, Germany spent 243million euros to purchase machine tools from the Czech Republic, an increase of 11% over the previous year

fifth place: South Korea

South Korea has many world-famous machine tool manufacturers, such as Doosan machine tool and Hyundai Weiya machine tool. In 2018, Germany imported 199million euros worth of German machine tool equipment from South Korea, an increase of 30% compared with last year

sixth place: Austria

Austria, the neighbor of Germany, is also a country with machine tool manufacturers. In 2018, Germany exported 191million euros worth of machine tools and equipment from Austria to Germany, an increase of 6%

seventh place: China

China's machine tool production is also developing continuously. In 2018, China delivered 172million euros worth of machine tool equipment to Germany, an increase of 23% over last year

eighth place: the United States

in 2018, Germany imported 143million euros worth of machine tools from the United States. Compared with the same period last year, it decreased by 3%

ninth place: Taiwan, China, China

Taiwan is famous for machine tool manufacturing, and its main customer is Chinese Mainland. Compared with last year, the sales of machine tools and equipment to Germany in 2018 increased by 9%, with a value of 128million euros

10th place: Poland

10th place is a neighbor of Germany, like the Czech Republic, in which the extensional device and fixture are the most important, and Austria. Germany imported 118million euros worth of machine tools from Poland in 2018, which was 22% higher than the previous year

which countries and regions Germany imports machine tools and equipment also reflects the manufacturing level of machine tools and tools in this country and region. From the above latest data from VDW, it can be clearly seen that the import of German machine tools is still dominated by European countries with the battery system energy density of 510 wh/kg, capacity of 20 kWh and output power of 1000 W. however, Asian countries and regions are also growing rapidly as an important source, and the development trend is also rapid

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