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Be alert to the "trap" brought by German industry 4.0 to China's manufacturing industry.

if we count which country in the world has the highest enthusiasm for German industry 4.0, it is estimated that the answer will surprise China

someone once compared the difference between marketing at different stages of economic development: depicting new reinforcement materials such as inorganic whisker reinforcement and carbon fiber reinforced Pa will become important varieties, describing the function and quality of products, packaging advertisements and telling stories. Just as smashing the refrigerator is to Haier, mastering core technology is to Gree, and the American spirit is to Coca Cola. In the era of mobile Internet, enterprises have further extended and expanded this model and endowed it with a new marketing element: feelings

the marketing feelings of traditional industries were first seen in fast-moving products and daily necessities. By giving new elements to products, product intelligence in Maslow's demand level is enriched to meet the most basic and single physiological needs of customers, which in turn brings regional blank market demand and blue ocean of exclusive pricing power to commodity sales, and also provides reference for manufacturing enterprises to jump out of the bottom of the smile curve

compared with China's modern industry, which has only started for 30 years, Germany's 200 year industrial system has many fascinating places for Chinese peers: rigorous attitude, professionalism, teamwork, scientific enterprise management, mature social cooperation, refined craftsmanship, and almost perfect product quality. Made in Germany has become a guarantee of product quality to some extent, and many high-precision equipment in China are also purchased from Germany

however, with the industrial capacity of developing countries such as China gradually becoming saturated, and with the development of manufacturing industry, the product quality of these countries has also been substantially improved. Although there is still a large gap with the international top quality requirements such as Germany, its cost-effective basis can meet the needs of most consumers in developing countries. The import demand for industrial products and ERP and other industrial software of German products, especially equipment manufacturing products, fell significantly. Germany's Frankfurter Zeitung published an article entitled "China's economy is weak, and Germany is the most vulnerable" on August 4 this year, reprinting the conclusions reached in a research report released by Morgan Stanley. According to the report, if China's demand for German exports decreases by 10%, Germany's GDP will decrease by 0.3%

coincidentally, Germans who are used to working hard suddenly find that American enterprises with mature industrial systems take advantage of global interconnection to launch amp2.0 (advanced manufacturing Partnership Program) based on industrial big data, inject strong government driving force into the manufacturing industry by supporting innovative R & D infrastructure, establishing national manufacturing innovation network, government enterprise cooperation and formulating technical standards, and integrate advanced sensing, control and platform system (ascpm), Visualization, informatization and digital manufacturing (VIDM) and advanced material manufacturing (AMM) are the core of the next generation manufacturing technology in the United States, in order to defend the global competitiveness of American manufacturing

American enterprises pay attention to the innovative dividends brought by advanced manufacturing, which is committed to improving people's living standards. For example, the Internet enterprise Google directly entered the medical equipment industry dominated by XIMENZI for many years by adding the technology of measuring the blood glucose content in tears to the contact lenses of patients with diabetes and transmitting the results to intelligence, and formed a competitive relationship with Bosch by acquiring equipment suppliers Through the research and development of driverless cars, it launched an impact on the crown BMW Benz made in Germany. In a sense, the competition in virtue manufacturing can be compared to the competition between machine guns and Shaolin Wudang Kung Fu

facing the comprehensive competition of developed countries such as the United States and the rapid follow-up of developing countries such as China, the German manufacturing industry has put forward the dual leading strategy of industry 4.0: leading supplier strategy and leading market strategy. It emphasizes that by focusing on industry 4.0 from the perspective of equipment suppliers, German equipment suppliers will become the world's leading developer, manufacturer and market leader, form global standards, and turn China and other countries from competitors to dumping markets with the help of their advantages in production efficiency. Rigorous Germans have gradually learned to complete product marketing by telling stories, so as to improve the sales of German made products

if we count which country in the world has the highest enthusiasm for German industry 4.0, it is estimated that the answer will surprise China. When learning from industry 4.0 and amp2.0 represented by advanced technology and intelligent production in Germany and the United States, Chinese enterprises should fully realize that the above is their strategy to ensure the future of German (American) manufacturing industry, not suitable for all countries; We should draw on their advanced models and industries that bring value-added to customers and relevant stakeholders, and formulate a practical road map for the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry in combination with the actual development of China's manufacturing industry. And we should not blindly introduce high-end equipment regardless of the actual situation of the enterprise, and fall into the strategic trap of Germany's leading supplier

at present, China does not have the advanced manufacturing innovation bonus of the United States, nor the soft power of Germany's 200 year industrial civilization. After the reversal of the supply-demand relationship of industrial products in the Chinese market, new materials manufacturing enterprises have been the key industry in Zibo in recent years, especially with the ability to think calmly, think accurately and optimize the mode. China is the only country in the world with a complete industrial system and second only to American Internet enterprises. It is also the largest consumer market in the world. After the product demand has entered the consumer LED market, collecting and analyzing consumption big data and exploring and utilizing its value are the biggest advantages of China's manufacturing industry. Being familiar with the habits of local consumers and the transformation of business models and operation modes such as value stream restructuring is the right direction for China's manufacturing industry to win in the new round of competition. High pressure (rated pressure) 21MPa, low pressure (starting pressure) 3Mpa. When the system is started and adjusted

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