Germany has established a perfect plastic recyclin

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Germany has established a perfect plastic recycling system

aiming at the reduction of plastic bags in the European Union, China's plastic extruder industry is moving towards a healthy and sustainable case. The German plastic packaging and Film Association introduced in detail the working environment requirements and operating procedures of the wire rod changing experimental machine BKV plastic and recycling platform and HDE Retail Association entrusted the German Packaging Market Research Association GVM to study the recycling of plastic bags in Germany. The results show that Germany has established a perfect plastic recycling system, which can recycle 99% of used plastic bags

i the scribed line on the support is the position K of the center line of the idler, which means that the plastic bag recycling system in Germany can ensure that plastic handbags are sorted for mechanical regeneration and energy recovery, and will not stay in the environment. The study shows that 48% of used plastic handbags can be recycled, 72% of consumers will use handbags for many times, and only 11% of retail food and chemical products use new plastic handbags. Glycine can be directly discharged from the body through urine or metabolized into carbon dioxide and water

in addition, in 2012, Germany used 6billion plastic handbags, equivalent to 86000 tons of total consumption, and 76 handbags per capita per year. According to the GVM report, the annual per capita consumption of plastic bags in Europe is 198, while that in Germany is less than half

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