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Investigation on decoration pollution of some long-term rental apartments: only 20000 apartments were decorated and put on the shelves in three days

investigation on decoration pollution of some long-term rental apartments: only 20000 apartments were decorated and put on the shelves in three days

September 12, 2018

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recently, some brand long-term rental apartments were exposed to formaldehyde and other air pollutants exceeding the standard, and some users directly pointed out that decoration pollution was the "culprit" that posed a threat to the health of residents. This is not the first time that a long-term apartment has fallen into the "formaldehyde door". Nowadays, long-term rental apartments are favored by the market because of their advantages such as fashionable decoration and convenient room changing. However, the survey found that some long-term rental apartments have decoration pollution problems that cannot be ignored under their bright appearance, and it is urgent to issue unified specifications within the industry

pollution exceeding standard detection is also fake

in July this year, Xiao Wu (a pseudonym) who just graduated and his classmates rented a newly decorated two bedroom and one living room apartment in Minhang District, Shanghai. Shortly after check-in, Xiao Wu and his classmates developed symptoms such as dry throat, skin allergy and rash. According to the detection of the authoritative appraisal organization, the formaldehyde concentration in the rental house reaches 0.12mg per cubic meter, which exceeds the standard that the formaldehyde concentration in the indoor air shall not exceed 0.08mg per cubic meter stipulated in China's "code for indoor environmental pollution control of civil construction engineering"

coincidentally, last May, Xiao Zhao (a pseudonym), who had not yet graduated, also encountered a "formaldehyde house" that had just been decorated for less than a week when looking for a house in Beijing. "When I look at the house, I have a good idea of pollution, because it tastes great when I enter the house. But I'm going to live after graduation in July, so I don't care much." Unexpectedly, two months later, the smell of the room remained the same, so Xiao Zhao asked the lessor of the long-term apartment to test the house

in the next month, Xiao Zhao's house was tested three times. The formaldehyde concentration measured for the first time is as high as 0.33mg per cubic meter, which is more than four times the national standard. Under Xiao Zhao's continuous complaints, the lessor of the long-term rental apartment managed the room, and the second test result after that reached the standard, but Xiao Zhao found that during the test process, the inspectors carried out unconventional operations on the equipment, which was suspected to interfere with the test results. Therefore, Xiao Zhao asked for a third test. The test results showed that the formaldehyde concentration was 0.14mg per cubic meter, which still seriously exceeded the standard

at first, the long-term apartment platform did not agree to check out Xiao Zhao, saying that it could only compensate him for an air purifier. Xiao Zhao protested repeatedly, and finally the other party agreed to check out, "but the original house was rented out again soon. I left something there. Later, when I looked for it, I found that there were new residents, and it was less than a month."

it only costs 20000 yuan to decorate, and it will be on the shelves three days after the installation.

the investigation found that the decoration cost of many long-term rental apartments is very low. Take the 60 square meter house where Xiao Wu lives as an example, the decoration cost is about 20000 yuan. The decoration personnel of the brand said, "The paint is more than 1000 yuan at most, the floor is almost 2000 yuan, and the use of 30 or 40 yuan is the worst composite floor per square meter... I haven't heard of any brand of furniture, but I should find a factory to make it by renting an apartment platform."

not only the decoration cost is low, according to the introduction of the original staff of a brand apartment, the apartment will be put on the shelves after 3 days of decoration, and only basic cleaning will be carried out before putting on the shelves, without long-term ventilation treatment. You "love to eat lazy sheep" said that she once rented her house to a brand apartment, and the apartment asked her for a 90 day rent free decoration period. But less than 20 days later, the platform asked her to be equipped with more access cards and keys, because there were already tenants to check in. Xiao Wu Xiang confirmed that when the house was decorated, she went to see the house. As soon as the decoration was completed to clarify the pilot object and scope, she signed a contract. Many residents who rented long-term apartments also confirmed this situation to

the lowest cost of plastic bags from Beijing and Shanghai is only a few cents. Nearly 200 households affected by the "formaldehyde room" of a brand long-term rental apartment in Qianhai, Hangzhou and other places spontaneously formed a rights protection group. Group friend "Salvin" said that his roommate was diagnosed with "excessive inflammation in the body" by the hospital after his admission. He complained about formaldehyde to the brand apartment in mid July. In August, the housekeeper contacted them and said that he could refund the rent for nearly a month plus the rent change and physical examination fee, which amounted to about 12000 yuan. "But I haven't got this money yet. They said that they must wait until everything is confirmed and there is no problem before they can refund my rent and physical examination fee."

the identification is unclear, and the relevant supervision should keep up with

by the end of 2017, the long-term rental apartment brand of Lianjia has been entrusted to manage 500000 houses in 9 cities, with a management asset value of more than 600billion yuan, and issued the standard conditions for drone manufacturing enterprises. Eggshell apartment, founded in 2015, has 100000 houses by 2018. However, there is a sharp contrast between the rapid growth of long-term apartments and the imperfect overall norms of the industry

on the issue of decoration pollution, there is no unified standard in the industry for what environmental protection standards should be adopted for long-term rental apartments, what furniture and decoration materials should be used, and how long it needs to be vacant after decoration. It is also common for tenants with impaired health to protect their rights. First, it is difficult to quantify the damage to health caused by pollutants such as formaldehyde. Second, it is difficult to clarify what should be borne by these long-term apartment enterprises

Ye Zhengwei, a partner of Shanghai Hongqiao Zhenghan law firm and deputy director of the real estate business research committee of Shanghai Lawyers Association, pointed out that since there is no clear legal provision at present, if it is not clear in the rental contract that the long-term rental apartment platform can ensure that the air quality meets the standard, it is difficult for the tenant to have the corresponding compensation standard and basis in legal theory

for the gap in the specification, Yan Yuejin, research director of the think tank center of E-House Research Institute, suggested that the housing supervision department should properly cooperate with the health, environmental protection, building materials decoration and other departments to actively carry out post event supervision, and summarize the key points of supervision from the current disputes that have improved the structural durability, so as to form a more systematic supervision content or guidance plan

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