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Investigation and Analysis on the development trend of China's agricultural machinery industry in 2012

there are about 3500 types of agricultural machinery products in China, accounting for only half of the total number of international agricultural machinery. There are still many gaps in agricultural machinery products in the fields of hills, cash crops and so on

at the same time, international well-known agricultural machinery multinational companies are accelerating to seize the beach in China and monopolize the domestic high-end market with the advantages of new technologies and high-end products

on the one hand, the variety is limited, on the other hand, the situation of giant suppression is really embarrassing

so how should we treat this situation? How to increase the effective supply of agricultural machinery products to meet the demand of agricultural production? What kind of technological innovation route should the agricultural machinery industry choose

the technical level is no less than that of automobiles.

"modern agriculture depends on science and technology, and the application of science and technology depends on agricultural machinery." Advanced agricultural production technologies, such as deep tillage and subsoiling, precision sowing, precision cultivation, balanced fertilization, film mulching, conservation tillage, unified prevention and control, cannot be achieved without traditional human and animal power without agricultural machinery

zongjinyao, director of the Department of agricultural mechanization of the Ministry of agriculture, said that today, with the overall number and quality of agricultural labor declining, ordinary farmers' ability to undertake strong physical labor and accept new knowledge and new technology is more weakened. The promotion and use of improved varieties and methods must take agricultural machinery as the carrier, and match with the light simplification, large-scale, standardized and intensive modern agricultural production mode, otherwise it is difficult to effectively promote and implement

however, although agricultural machinery plays an important role as a carrier in agricultural production, agricultural machinery products seem to leave the impression of simple technology and poor image, but zongjinyao does not agree with this. He said, "others think agricultural machinery products are 'stupid, big and thick', but I don't think so. I think the scientific and technological content of agricultural machinery is higher than that of cars."

in the harsh agricultural production environment, agricultural machinery to complete mechanized operations and high-quality operations plays an important role in improving labor productivity, land output rate, resource utilization rate, and building a high-yield, high-quality, efficient, ecological and safe technical system required by agricultural development. "Only by simply relying on agricultural science and technology progress with agricultural machinery as the main carrier and the integration of biology, engineering, information, environment and other technologies, can we solve the problem of how to grow land well." Zong Jinyao said

in fact, Zong Jinyao is not alone in holding the above views, said Chen Zhi, vice chairman of state machinery group and President of China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, "Internationally, the manufacturing level and intelligence level of agricultural machinery have also been very high. For example, tractors with more than 550 horsepower produced by foreign tractor manufacturers are huge, with a handle and a small steering wheel. They operate very freely and are completely intelligent control. Therefore, agricultural machinery is not 'stupid, big and rough'."

at a science and technology conference organized by the national development and Reform Commission many years ago, he once argued with representatives of aerospace and automobile. "Agricultural machinery products are high-tech products, and their technical level is no less than that of automobiles." Chen Zhi said, "the function of the car is relatively simple. It can pull people and run on the road, but the structure of agricultural machinery products is complex. For example, tractors have front and rear drives. Moreover, agricultural machinery is mostly operated in the field, and its working object is alive, which is restricted by many factors."

Zong Jinyao concluded that agricultural machinery is the material basis of modern agriculture. Agricultural mechanization technology is an important part of agricultural science and technology. It is the materialization and important carrier of agricultural science and technology. Agricultural mechanization technology is a complex engineering technology with strong comprehensiveness and wide coverage. It is not only related to the scientific and technological progress of agricultural equipment, but also closely related to biology, engineering, information, environmental technology, etc

less than half of the foreign varieties

agricultural machinery plays an increasingly prominent role as a carrier in agricultural production when errors and indication repeatability are found to be abnormal in the verification process, but the development of China's agricultural machinery industry is full of challenges

at present, international well-known agricultural machinery multinational companies are monopolizing the domestic high-end market with the advantages of new technologies and high-end products while accelerating their competition in China. These multinational giants continue to turn the original joint ventures into their wholly-owned companies, further suppressing domestic enterprises and brands. In addition, they increase the investment cost of agricultural applications, and China's high-end products rely heavily on imports

from a global perspective, the types of foreign agricultural machinery products have reached more than 7000, and have basically achieved full mechanization; However, there are only 3500 varieties of agricultural machinery products in China, which only realizes the mechanization of grain cultivation and harvest. There are still many blank spots in many fields of agricultural machinery products in hilly areas and economic crops. Zong Jinyao summarized this situation as "the contradiction between the demand for sustainable and frugal automobile manufacturing and the insufficient effective supply of new agricultural machinery technology and equipment due to the increasing agricultural mechanization", and called it the most important contradiction in the development of Agricultural Mechanization in China

in addition to the lack of varieties, there is a large gap between China's agricultural machinery products and the international advanced level in terms of product performance, technical level, manufacturing level, industrial organization and so on. Take tractors as an example, "in China, 300 HP tractors only solve the problems of 'yes' and' no ', 180 HP tractors also solve the problem of mass production, while foreign 500 HP tractors basically achieve mass production." Li Shujun, President of the Chinese Academy of agricultural machinery, sighed

in design and manufacturing, digital flexible manufacturing has been basically realized abroad. "That is, in a hybrid assembly line, you can assemble not only tractors, but also harvesters, rice transplanters, etc." Li Shujun recalled what he had seen and heard during his inspection in Japan in September 2011

in terms of industrial organization, international agricultural machinery giants have achieved collectivization, from digital design to high-end manufacturing, forming a whole industrial chain of professional division of labor and supporting cooperation; However, there are some problems in the domestic agricultural machinery industry, such as the lack of common technology, the weakening of transformation mechanism, the serious shortage of enterprise innovation investment, and the low degree of industrialization organization

talking about the gap in the technical level of agricultural machinery, Chen Zhi particularly emphasized the basic technology, basic materials and basic parts. He believed that the "Three Basics" were still the most crucial place to restrict the improvement of China's agricultural equipment level. "The products we imitate are more and more similar, but the research on key components has made slow progress, which is the problem that restricts the improvement of the level of agricultural machinery 15 concrete antifreeze products."

"for example, many corn harvester enterprises have planned a huge production capacity of two row machines, but they have made insufficient efforts in the research of key components, and few people have done basic things." Chen Zhi also suggested that we must pay attention to the basic research on the application of soil plant machine systems, and improve the original innovation ability at the same time

(source: agricultural mechanization information in China)

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