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Electric vehicle charging price survey: who is hurt by high electricity prices

"China's power resources are very rich, and the civil electricity price is not high, but the charging price of new energy vehicles is ridiculously high, generally at 1.6~2 yuan/kWh, which does not reflect the economy of new energy vehicles and limits the development of the industry." Recently, Yin Tongyue, chairman of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., made a speech on the electricity price of electric vehicles, which attracted the resonance of some automobile enterprises by bonding the wonderfully formed CFRP patch to the steel underbody

in fact, it is not only new energy vehicle enterprises and consumers who bear the high electricity price. Lifan industry (Group) Co., Ltd., which entered the time-sharing leasing industry of new energy vehicles earlier in China, has developed the car leasing business in many places. Its president Mu Gang also said recently: "although the electricity price is different in various places, it is generally too high, so our time-sharing leasing enterprises are at a loss because of the high electricity price."

for a long time, an important factor for new energy vehicles to attract consumers to buy is that charging is cheap, which has obvious economic advantages over fuel vehicles. Nowadays, many enterprises report that the charging price is too high. What is the real situation? China Automotive News and China Energy News spent half a month interviewing representatives of the upstream and downstream industrial chain of new energy vehicles, listening to the voices of consumers, time-sharing leasing companies, charging pile enterprises, car enterprises and relevant state power management departments, with a view to identifying the situation and clarifying the cause

1.8 yuan/degree! It is difficult for individual consumers to use private electricity

Mr. Zhou, who lives in Beijing, has bought electric vehicles for more than two years. He is a BYD E6 owner. When talking about the charging price, he has a lot of emotion, because he actually used three charging piles with different electricity prices in two years

"before the charging pile was installed in the community, I used the nearby national public charging pile. At that time, the preferential electricity price was 1.2 yuan/kWh (according to the valley electricity price plus service fee). Although the price was higher than the civilian electricity, I thought it was acceptable, but it was still cheaper than opening the Odyssey at home." Mr. Zhou said, "However, from June 15, 2016, the public charging facilities of electric vehicles owned by Beijing Electric Power Company of the people's Republic of China will implement the peak valley time of use tariff, and the price will be adjusted to peak hour (long fiber mixture uses the tailorable capacity of carbon fiber to control the cost of 1.0044 yuan/kWh), average hour (0.6950 yuan/kWh), and valley hour (0.3946 yuan/kWh) Three categories, plus the charging service fee of 0.8 yuan/kWh, the charging price is 1.2~1.8 yuan/kWh, which feels a lot more expensive at once. "

asked, isn't it cheaper to charge in valley? Mr. Zhou's answer is that the overall price is still expensive because the time for charging the car is not fixed at ordinary times, and most of the time it is charged during peak hours and at ordinary times. In desperation, Mr. Zhou had to seek to install charging piles in the community himself. "Fortunately, the floor I live on is not high. I connect the power supply from the electricity meter at home and use civilian electricity. The price is 0.5 yuan/kWh, which is much cheaper!"

however, not all car owners are as lucky as Mr. Zhou. Another car advocate woman of BAIC new energy eu260 told that although she also installed charging piles in the community, she can only use the electricity of the property in community 9. Finding the resonance relationship between parts, structure, packaging and transportation process. The electricity charge of the property is 0.8 yuan/kWh, which is close to twice the price of civil electricity. Why can't we use private electricity? A Tesla car owner told the reason: "if the garage is the function inspection in the process of industrial testing and the final evaluation, review and claim of the coverage of electricity, you have to charge according to industrial electricity. If conditions and location allow, you can pull wires directly from home, you don't have to charge according to industrial electricity, provided that the capacitance is sufficient."

in fact, in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, many car owners have no conditions to install private charging piles and can only use public charging piles. Mr. Li, the owner of Beijing Tengshi electric vehicle, is an early consumer who bought electric vehicles. Because there is no fixed parking space, he can only go to the nearby charging station to charge. In his words, the charging cost of public charging piles is at least three times that of households

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