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Investigation and Analysis on the development of China's aniline Market in 2012

affected by weak economic data in Europe and the United States and the unexpected increase in U.S. crude oil inventories, the international oil price plummeted, which repairer outside Asia pure benzene was more clear about the cause and elimination method of the accident, the market price fell in line with the trend, intensifying the wait-and-see mood of domestic pure benzene merchants, the market negotiation atmosphere was significantly frustrated, and sporadic quotations in the East China market were at yuan/ton, The price of negotiation intention is gradually close to the low end. Pure benzene's soft road opens, and aniline, which has always been "bowing to its knees", dare to rise against the trend

in terms of terminal demand, due to the strict national environmental protection policies, including specific processing suggestions from solvent to cooling, the overall operating rate of the industry is not high, and it is mainly to replenish the warehouse with more small orders, so it is difficult to accelerate the pace of aniline delivery. In addition, due to the hot weather, dye factories in East China have stopped production, which further depresses the current aniline Market in terms of shipment

MDI, the largest downstream product, is reluctant to sell and bullish due to tight market sources and high costs, especially for consumer electronics. The inquiry atmosphere on the floor has warmed up, but it is resistant to the rise of market prices. It is difficult to say that the way of transaction is smooth, and its role in the rise of aniline is limited

recently, the overall operation of aniline manufacturers has been at a low level, and there are many manufacturers reducing the load (the operation of Chongqing Changfeng 40000 ton plant has been reduced from 80% to 60%) or stopping (Shanxi Tianji parking) to eliminate the reservoir. Even so, the pattern of overcapacity is still difficult to change, and the sluggish terminal demand has become the biggest obstacle on the upward path of aniline. As of Wednesday, the downstream orders in North China and Shandong were mostly accepted and picked up at yuan/ton, and the traders' shipments in the East China market were mostly accepted and picked up at yuan/ton. The overall transaction was flat

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