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Investigation and analysis of the development of coating market in Anhui Province

investigation and analysis of the development of coating market in Anhui Province

November 13, 2013

[China coating information] in golden autumn October, I visited the Anhui coating market, and brought the latest local market information through on-the-spot investigation of the local market and interviews with coating dealers

Chuzhou City: the brand market differentiation is obvious

in Chuzhou City, the paint stores are mainly concentrated in Chuzhou building materials market and Yangtze River Trade City, with a total of about 30 or 40 stores. When visiting the local market, according to a brand dealer, "Chuzhou coating market is mainly divided into three parts: local brands (decorative home paint), foreign brands (duluxi) and domestic brands (garberry). I have been 'struggling' in the coating industry for nearly ten years, and this year I realized what business is difficult to do."

after visiting Chuzhou market, I paid a passing visit to Mingguang City, a county-level city in Chuzhou. The paint stores here are mainly concentrated in Marriott building materials market, Nvshan road and Mingjiu Road, with a total of about 30 or 40 paint stores. During the interview, many dealers complained that the manufacturer usually ignores us, and we can't know some new policies issued by the manufacturer in time. Let's feel the stone and cross the river, and the general agent only cares about our sales, which is really chilling. He said that he can't get up early without profit. That's right. If he only pays attention to interests naked, he will go too far. The value of emotional investment is the greatest

Fengyang County: geographical location affects paint sales

visited Fengyang County, dealers and talked about that golden nine silver ten, now is the peak season of paint sales, but so far this year, there is no "movement" in the whole building materials industry. Coupled with the proximity to Bengbu, many consumers have gone to Bengbu to purchase. Some dealers saw this situation and simply closed down

Bengbu City: dealers and consumers play "Infernal Affairs" with each other.

Bengbu City, the Guangcai market can be called a "super aircraft carrier", but the regional planning is not very clear. Building materials, clothing, furniture, shoes, electric vehicles, logistics, etc. are all mixed together, which makes it very messy, and consumers will not find the goods they want to buy for a while. There are many paint shops here. The dealers told that the channels of some brands are not very formal, resulting in the proliferation of fake goods. A dealer is even more straightforward. What are the basic problems? He cut the local and said, "dealers deceive consumers with inferior products; consumers are not active in paying for projects, and some even become disordered accounts, cheating and fooling each other."

Guzhen County: small market capacity

Guzhen county is a small county in Bengbu City. There are not many paint franchised stores in the market, most of which are mainly plate, bathroom, ceramic tile and cabinet, and sell paint along with each other

Suzhou City: big brands are more competitive in the market

Suzhou City, paint stores are mainly distributed in Guangcai market, Hong Kong street decoration City, Huamei decoration City, Zhonghao building materials City, with a total of more than 40 or 50 paint stores. According to local dealers, local brands are not particularly excellent, and the annual sales of several major brands are almost the same, while the competitiveness of small brands is not so strong, so the sales volume is naturally smaller. In addition, the coating industry is not very prosperous in the local area in recent years, and the profit is relatively low. Many dealers have changed their careers to find another way out

Huaibei City: environmental factors affect market orientation

Huaibei City is a city with coal as the main economy. According to a brand agent, coal prices have been falling in the past two years, which also has a great impact on real estate. Affected by it, they have done little in this aspect of engineering, mainly home decoration retail. This year, the manufacturer launched some new products, and now the main sales is a new product called "no addition". The selection of materials, formula and production of three non additive harmful substances, the price is not expensive, and consumers can accept it

Bozhou City: Engineering paint is popular in the market.

Bozhou City, formerly a county-level city, belongs to Fuyang City, and is divided into a prefecture level city this year. When visiting Bozhou today, the general agent of Pentium paint said: they mainly do industrial ready mixed paint, distribution and engineering, about 2million a year, because they are mainly industrial paint, there is no conflict with home decoration paint, and the sales volume will not be affected. Pentium paint is the best industrial paint in the local area. In addition, according to the agent of a brand of home decoration paint, "now the home decoration paint market is full of promotional activities, and the promotional activities carried out by the manufacturer are not very obvious. Many of them are mainly engineering interior wall paint, with less wholesale. Generally speaking, the sales volume has not changed much, which is similar to that of last year."

Woyang County: the market capacity is limited

in Woyang County, the paint stores are concentrated in Zhanqian road. The dealer said: the real estate in the whole county is not very developed, and there are not many projects and home decoration connections. In the past, it was puttying and whitening, and latex paint has only risen in recent years

Mengcheng County: consumers prefer health and environmental protection coatings. When visiting Mengcheng County, according to a dealer, in the home decoration market, the Hejing series and diatom series launched this year are the highest end in their store, with a price of about 1000 yuan. She said that the sales situation is good, because consumers recognize the products. At present, home decoration has high requirements for environmental protection, and consumers can accept the expensive products. Another dealer said that there are many engineering projects in the tooling market in the county in one year, but the manufacturers do not pay attention to advertising, so it is difficult to promote

Fuyang City: paint free boards hit the furniture paint market

Fuyang City, according to a paint brand dealer in Linyi mall, paint free boards are now in the majority, and the sales of furniture paint are also affected there, which is not very easy to do. The dealers of Qilu paint and Huhuang paint said that now furniture painting is not environmentally friendly, and many of them are finished products, so it is a little difficult to promote furniture paint, while industrial ready mixed paint and engineering paint are better. Although the price of Qilu paint he operates is a little expensive, the quality is very good, and consumers can accept it. Yaohai building materials market, another local building materials market, is a little more popular than Linyi Trade City, but most of them do plate business, and there are few coating stores. Many coatings are mixed with plates

Funan County: popularity affects paint sales

in Funan County, Fuyang City, paint stores are mainly concentrated in the market of North Anhui. A dealer said that he used to operate a brand, but the quality was not very stable. Later, he changed to furniture paint and ouwang paint of meitux. He mainly sold furniture paint in some furniture factories around the local area, with an annual sales volume of million. Ouwang is home decoration paint, mainly for distribution, with an annual sales volume of more than one million. Another brand dealer also said that the local house price is not too high, about 4000 yuan per square meter. Local consumers with strong brand awareness and high brand awareness will choose your products

Yingshang County: the consumption level is limited

when visiting Yingshang County, according to a brand dealer, Yingshang is a small county, the consumption capacity of local residents is limited, and most consumers can only accept medium and low-grade products. Moreover, people have a strong brand awareness, and big brands are the first consideration. In this case, some products of "Shanzhai" big brands are "rampant" in the county

Huoqiu County: the development of building materials market is overheated

in Huoqiu County, the paint stores are mainly concentrated in Wenming Avenue. There are two markets in the county: Huoqiu building materials market and Huizhou merchants market, one south and one north. After all, it is a small county, which has led to the popularity of the two markets has been "unsatisfactory", and many stores have been moved away and become empty shops

Huainan City: products with high cost performance have more market advantages

a dealer in Huainan City said that Pentium paint, Linghu paint and Changjiang paint are better local industrial paints, and their annual sales volume is millions. Engineering companies attach importance to quality and cost control when selecting materials, so "wangwanjie said that products with high cost performance are their first choice. In terms of product selection, it mainly depends on the needs of customers. Customers in engineering will choose some cheap products, while customers in home decoration will choose some products with better quality

a paint dealer in Ancheng building materials market said that the local home decoration low-end paint product market is not easy to do, but high-end products are easy to do, and the local people still have a strong brand awareness. Well done home decoration brands can also display these data in 21 "There are first-line brands on the touch screen display of Lu'an City. There are many newly developed buildings, but many of them are internally determined. Dealers eat according to their abilities. If you have a relationship, you can do it well, and if it doesn't matter, there will be no sales volume.

Lu'an City: quality is the foundation, innovation is the soul of development.

Lu'an City Dang 4. Strike center distance: the home decoration market in 335mm is relatively good for large brands, and the sales volume of first-line foreign brands is more than 1000 every year Ten thousand. The general agent of a brand paint said: the price of its own paint is not high, and the brand reputation is also good, but there are always problems in quality. Yesterday, a distributor reported that the coverage of latex paint of a certain specification is not good. It's OK to have problems with product quality once or twice. If problems often occur, the distributor will consider changing the brand. Said that quality is not only the life of an enterprise, but also the basic basis for dealers to be based on the market. Another dealer said with emotion that the brand he represented is also an old brand. Why can't the market develop? There are two points to sum up: first, the brand awareness is not high, and there is no advertising force. Whether it is print media or local satellite TV, they rarely see their publicity; Second, they lack the sense of innovation. Unknown second tier brands before 2002 have become one of the best local brands, and they can't do without their "innovation"

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