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Dynamic comments on the China Shengze silk chemical fiber index of the Ministry of Commerce for a week (September 9)

this week, according to the monitoring and analysis of the data fed back by 350 priced units, the China Shengze silk chemical fiber index of the Ministry of Commerce closed at 98.62 points, down 0.08 points compared with last week. Among them, the chemical fiber fabric price index closed at 97.56 points, down 0.09 points compared with last week, and the chemical fiber index closed at 99.39 points, up 0.07 points; The cocoon and silk index recently closed at 100.93 points, up 0.07 points year-on-year

a certain parameter, the continuous impact of power curtailment and emission reduction, the continuous downturn in production and sales, and difficult to increase

(the above figure is the recent trend chart of the general price index of chemical fiber products)

as the saying goes, the arrival of the peak season brings a lot of confidence to Shengze market, gray fabric shipments become more and more nervous, while the output of finished fabrics is very small, which has a slight impact on the price of the overall fabric. From the trend chart of price index products, we can actively promote the construction of innovation centers in key areas such as agricultural machinery and medical equipment. It can be seen that this week, the textile industry was affected by power rationing and emission reduction, the production and sales of raw materials and fabrics remained depressed, and the market supply and demand continued to decline

second, the market output is not high, and grey cloth sales are hot

(the above figure is the recent trend chart of chemical fiber fabric price index)

this week, Shengze market has been continuously aggravated by power rationing, the market startup is slightly insufficient, the order delivery is delayed, and the trading volume also has a relatively downward trend. The printing and dyeing industry successfully achieved the expansion of the range of plate certification specifications in June this year. The energy conservation and emission reduction of enterprises is still the focus of the government, and it is difficult to increase production. In order to implement the State Council's "notice on ensuring the realization of the Eleventh Five Year Plan energy conservation and emission reduction goals", weaving, printing and dyeing enterprises in Shengze Town have increased power rationing management

from the sub index, polyester taffeta fell by 1.05 points to 101.86 points, elastic spring Asia textile fell by 0.66 points to 100.16 points, polyester peach skin velvet fell by 0.8 points to 104.78 points, elastic satin fell by 0.56 points to 98.12 points, polyester cotton fell by 1.46 points to 95.76 points. Polyester Taslon, nylon Taslon, warp suede, chiffon, polyester cotton peach skin, polyester filament Oxford cloth, nylon oxford cloth, brocade cotton, cotton brocade and other sub indexes decreased by less than 0.5 points. According to the above description, it is easy to see that the decline of conventional products in summer is very serious, mainly because the market demand for light and thin fabrics in summer is gradually shrinking, while the shipments of high-density series fabrics and home textile fabrics popular in autumn and winter are much better, and the prices also rise differently in Chengdu

for example, light spinning rose 0.94 points to 96.96 points. As a conventional lining for women's wear, lightweight textile has attracted much attention in the market recently because of its high quality and low price, bright luster and soft feel. A 210t conventional lightweight textile, with environmental protection dyeing and low price, is the first choice for the lining of the hydraulic pressure testing machine for export cotton clothes. Another 50d*50d checkered lightweight spinning is added with metal wire. After dyeing, it is one of the important choices of shielding conductive cloth. It has a large market demand and a wide range of applications. Recently, the market sales have continued to rise, the number of importers is increasing day by day, and the supply and sales of grey cloth market are out of stock

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