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MIPS helps sequans develop next-generation mobile solutions

MIPS technologies, Inc., a manufacturer that provides industry standard processors for digital consumption, home networking, wireless, communication and business applications, announced that its scientific research is comparable to the industry in terms of architecture and core, 4G chip supplier s plastic film blowing machine will continue to introduce advanced technology. Equals communications has selected mips32tm m14kc synthetic processor core to develop next-generation mobile solutions. M14k series is the first kernel series adopting micromips instruction set architecture (I content 99% SA), which can maintain the high performance of mips32 architecture by 98%, and reduce the code size by at least 30%, so as to significantly reduce the chip cost. Polyurethane board itself can play a good role in thermal insulation. Sequans' customers are leading equipment manufacturers and mobile operators that provide technology for mobile WiMAX and LTE networks all over the world. Dr. Georges Karam, President and CEO of sequans, said, "we chose the m14kc core of MIPs technology because its clear value proposition is consistent with our goal, which is to promote the success of 4G technology in the mass market with low-cost, high-performance and low-power solutions. MIPS technology is committed to supporting our business needs, and we look forward to establishing a long-term and successful partnership with it."

sandeep Vij, President and CEO of MIPs technology, said: "We are very honored to work closely with sequans to support its success in the LTE market. MIPS technology has won a solid and growing market position in mobile infrastructure, and now it has begun to enter the handheld field including 4G baseband processing. MIPS architecture has the advantages of high performance, low power consumption and small footprint, which is the best choice for applications with strict requirements. Our new m14k kernel is better than any other in the history of MIPs The kernel has been favored and adopted by manufacturers more quickly. " Electronic engineering album

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