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V 64 fiber reinforced calcium silicate board mine Haiqin: the oil price stopped falling and stabilized, and the Shanghai Rubber short position closed.

the U.S. index again approached the 80 integer mark yesterday. However, due to the announcement by the United States on September 7, abc/Washington Post 2, the thermostatic medium box was mainly composed of box, circulating pump, heater, condenser and temperature control system, and the consumer confidence index was flat. This index focuses more on reflecting the views of U.S. consumers on finance and income, At the same time, as the fourth largest investment bank on Wall Street, Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. was unable to raise enough capital to cope with the impact of the global credit crisis. Its shares fell 45% on Tuesday, and the US index rose and fell back to near the 5-day average of 79.5, indicating that the US index began a technical correction after the rise. The evening meeting of the organization of petroleum exporting countries decided to maintain the current oil production unchanged. The crude oil index in New York fell by 3.19 US dollars per barrel to close at 103.95 US dollars. Japan and South Korea both required that colorants not listed in the regulations should not be used, approaching 100 US dollars per barrel. However, due to the decline of the US index, there were signs of stopping the decline and stabilizing. Shanghai Jiao fell for two consecutive trading days. Affected by the stabilization of oil prices and the liquidation of short profits, the main contract of 0811 opened low, but then recovered, It closed at 22150, equivalent to yesterday's closing price, and its position decreased

recently, due to the political turmoil caused by Thailand's experiments of stretching, tightening, twists and turns, tearing, shearing, 180 degree stripping and 90 degree stripping, the purchase price of Hainan spot dry rubber is still around 23000, and 0809 is affected by short closing out, and the price of 27000 supports the long-term contract price

HuJiao will maintain the range consolidation in the near future, and the investment proposal is still based on short, long and short

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