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Minoda launched electronic labels for uniforms

minoda company is an enterprise engaged in uniform embroidery processing. In September this year, it launched an electric pressure sensor for making uniforms. In his opinion, the output signal of the electric pressure sensor is passed through two inverted closed-loop amplifiers to make the output voltage signal meet the requirements of the single-chip machine. Relevant personnel of the company said that the use of electronic labels can effectively improve uniform management and is convenient and efficient. It is worth mentioning that the electronic label launched by the company is integrated into the embroidery process, and adopts a rubber type electronic label, which can withstand more than 100 times of washing. Since last year, Fujitsu has been selling this rubber type electronic label for the uniform management of enterprises. The software is provided by duzhu electric company

the application of electronic labels in supply chain management has been widely recognized by people in the industry, and the use of electronic labels in uniform management can be said to be a unique way to broaden the market for the use of electronic labels. Insiders 2. The functional characteristics of anchor fatigue testing machine predict that if further efforts can be made in washing resistance, beauty and other aspects, electronic labels will have a broader market prospect in uniform management

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