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Paperless office is a trend. There is a long way to go in China's transformation

during the two sessions in Nanjing in 2014, the 501 CPPCC members in the city received not a pile of thick paper materials, but an electronic terminal CPPCC pad. This has aroused concern and controversy from all walks of life

those in favor believe that many people do not understand the form of meetings of the National People's Congress and the CPPCC and how much paper is consumed. All kinds of documents, reports, resolutions, proposals, proposals, suggestions, briefings, even attendance lists, arrangement instructions, interim notices and other materials are printed and distributed on paper. Many documents are not as simple as A4 format, but at least hundreds of paper materials received by each person at a general meeting. More importantly, the performance of the representatives and members is not limited to the days of the meeting. They are performing their duties during their five-year term of office. You can imagine the exchange of documents between them! Therefore, the practice of Nanjing CPPCC is worth encouraging

but there is absolutely nothing to hide from more opponents. People believe that 1 If the limit lever does not reply in time, it is an excuse for private use of public funds. There will be some small problems in the price difference between pad and paper. How many times is it? How is saving? Make complaints about this kind of Tucao. Some people also pointed out that if you bring your own tools, everyone's preparation is different in the end. It's very troublesome to use them uniformly. It's difficult to distribute materials alone. In this way, you still have to return to paper materials in the end, even with both pad and paper materials, which is more wasteful and inefficient

paperless office is the trend of office in the future. The pace of paperless office in enterprises is still relatively fast. Government departments are far behind in this regard. Of course, there are many objective reasons. For example, the current grass-roots leading cadres generally have a slight lack of education and have a great difference in their acceptance of electronization; For example, physical paper is convenient for confirmation, reception, confidentiality, etc. For the simplest example, many documents with high confidentiality cannot be emailed. But paperless office is still a big trend. In the past two years, a series of environmental problems have brought increasingly significant impacts. Paperless office is obviously beneficial to the environment, so it is necessary to consider this aspect. Moreover, the annual consumption of office paper is a huge figure, which is known to those who have worked in the office

as the pioneer of paperless office, the practice of Nanjing government is worth affirming. But at the same time, we should see the operational problems. First of all, the ownership of pad should not be reduced to personal goods. There should be a corresponding regulatory system to effectively ensure its use. Secondly, the public opinion has heated up the discussion that the cleaners need to pay a deposit out of their own pocket when they update the cleaning vehicles, and they will give it to the government for nothing? Is the differential treatment too obvious? In fact, the common people have no other meaning. A bowl of water is flat, and everyone has much less opinion. Finally, have you bid for such a large amount of money

if you can give a clear answer to these questions, the transformation of paperless office itself is worthy of affirmation. As long as the Nanjing municipal government is really right and doesn't have to be afraid of these public opinions, time will be the best proof

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