Paper bags are restricted in Taiwan

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Taiwan restricts the use of paper bags

"paper bags should also be restricted together, which is fair!" It is incredible that such a voice came from the paper bag industry itself. There are 20 members of Taiwan paper wash free packaging Association, of which 16 support the restriction of paper bags; Because of the plastic restriction policy, plastic bags can be legally sold for one yuan. 2. When the impact experimental machine is unloaded, small businesses all abandon paper bags and sell plastic bags instead. "Of course, paper bags also need to be bought, so that the industry can survive!"

production paper 10 Experimental report: Lu Zhuangxing, chairman of zhuangjiaguo company, who can program and print the experimental report according to the pattern of user needs, is the convener of the paper bag group of the paper packaging Association. He said that at the beginning of the implementation of the plastic restriction policy, the paper bag industry all rubbed their hands and thought that the plastic restriction would bring business opportunities; They imported paper bag manufacturing equipment and raw materials one after another, with an investment of NT $500 million to NT $600 million; Zhuang Jiaguo alone has imported 100 million devices, but now every member wants to cry without tears

Lu Zhuangxing said that paper bags are more expensive than plastic bags, but they are still used by many businesses because of their good texture and environmental protection; After the plastic restriction policy went on the road, businesses had to spend 10000 or 20000 yuan to buy paper bags. Now they use plastic bags. They can earn 10000 or 20000 yuan a month by selling plastic bags alone. "This comes and goes, which is a gap of 30000 or 40000. Do you think small businesses will still use paper bags?"

Lu Zhuangxing said that paper bag manufacturers use more recycled waste paper to make, do not need to cut down trees, and are more environmentally friendly than other materials; However, the paper bag industry is losing a large number of customers. After the plastic restriction policy, people reverse to use thickened plastic bags that "can be legally charged and polluted". Excuse me: what's the reason

it is reported that the environmental protection department may cancel the thickness limit of plastic bags. Lu Zhuangxing believes that the environmental protection department's move is tantamount to "rectifying people"; Because the plastic industry in Taiwan has long sold the machines for making thin bags to the mainland, and now there are no machines for making thin bags. "Those machines for making thick bags can be 3. What if the transmitter wiring is incorrect? The environmental protection agency will break us all sooner or later!"


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