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What about the decoration budget? Ms. Xiao of new world Evergrande Washington recently felt very confused. The decoration company gave a decoration budget list, which was rich in content, but it made Ms. Xiao more difficult. Fortunately, she signed up for the decoration bidding of Wuhan home decoration network, and timely applied for professional supervision to help review the decoration budget, which saved a lot of worry

tips from the supervisor:

first, the role of the decoration budget

first, the decoration budget is the basis for the decoration company and the owner to sign the construction contract, deliver the project funds and make the project settlement; Secondly, the budget quotation is the basis for the owner to formulate the decoration plan and implement cost accounting

II. Basis of decoration budget

1. Decoration engineering design drawing; Including the planning map (the plane sketch before and during the decoration of the house, and the basic layout of the decoration, such as the kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc. in the hall); 2. Decorative effect drawing; 3. Construction scheme of decoration works

III. composition of decoration cost

main material cost + auxiliary material cost + labor cost + design cost + management fee + tax. The main materials refer to the finished and semi-finished materials involved in the decoration construction according to the construction area or a specific project, such as wood floors, tiles, sanitary ware, lamps, hardware, etc

IV. factors affecting the decoration budget

material price is one of the decisive factors affecting the decoration budget

when the materials are the same, the construction technology is an important influencing factor. With good workmanship and well-trained construction personnel, the quotation will naturally be high

in addition, the whole construction process of decoration is cumbersome and complex. Regular decoration companies will invite special personnel to manage the construction, so there will be an extra construction management cost in the budget

with the help of the supervisor, Ms. Xiao figured out the "doorways" in her home decoration budget. After communication, she felt that the decoration company selected through the Wuhan home decoration network decoration bidding was really good. Now the decoration is going smoothly. For more follow-up reports, please sign up quickly




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