Knowing that the last post about the window type f

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"Make life more possible". There was a message about windows on Zhihu, which attracted more than 3000 onlookers The problem is as follows: the position and shape of the window are too embarrassing, causing my curtains to look very incongruous. May I ask...

"make life more possible"

it seems that there is a distress post about the window, which caused more than 3000 people to watch

the problem is as follows:

the position and shape of the window are too embarrassing, which makes my curtains look very incongruous. Is there any way to remedy it

the windows are opened inward, and the shutters are estimated to be out of play. I wonder whether installing Roman curtains or lifting curtains can remedy it

as enthusiastic off-site people, the partners have offered advice:

@ brother zuishi: generally, everyone is talking about design, only about its shape; Don't talk about its "soul"

this is because when it comes to depth, it naturally requires the "depth" felt by the speaker, and requires the producer to spend a certain amount of energy to improve a detail. All of these require time and energy


then, what is its "soul"

its "soul" is to improve the body language according to the formed environment. Decoration design is not poor, let alone malicious stacking

the focus here is "basis". It is based on the design, rather than running the train and firing the cannon

(moderately modified according to the formed environment. As shown in the following figure)

figure | from Zhihu - @ drunken lion brother

this kind of thickening of abnormity can indeed solve the embarrassing situation between windows and curtains,

but Shige believes that this will make the radiator below and the adjacent wardrobe particularly uncomfortable

please observe the original picture carefully again, and we will find:

1. The window is a single inward opening with a windowsill

2. The owner needs curtains. The role of curtains: cover shame + shade, pay attention to privacy

3. The radiator is below the window, and the wardrobe is on the left. It is estimated that the room is small

according to the above information, Shige's suggestion is: choose the Schneider Mann interior casement window

(the following is the most sincere advertising suggestion)

adopt the interior casement + interior inverted double opening design, which can optimize the ventilation, and the air enters the room from the top and side of the window, which can avoid the direct wind from causing people to be affected by the wind, cold and cold; It also has anti-theft performance. Thieves can even reach into the window, but they can't open the window, let alone enter the room

figure | integration of simple European window screens -- ivory

the emperor's flat window is selected, and the magnetic control shutter can be selected if it is hollow. The light and darkness in the room can be controlled at any time by adjusting up and down, which can also play a role of shame and ensure personal privacy

figure | schneiman doors and windows -- magnetic control shutter

great wisdom in small space

witty, what's your unique view on this matter




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