What is the most dangerous voltage alarm for

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What is the danger voltage alarm used for

when the jib crane operates near the transmission line, due to improper operation, the jib steel wire rope is too close to or even touches the wire, which will cause electric shock or electric shock accidents. In order to prevent such accidents, a dangerous voltage alarm is developed. Its principle is that the transmission line of the alarm is three alternating currents, the phase difference between phases is 120 °, and the spatial electric field distribution is an alternating electric field. Theoretically, the potential at the point with equal distance from each phase line should be zero. However, in the actual line layout, there is no point where the potential is zero. According to the distribution characteristics of the electric field, as long as the absolute value and potential gradient of the touch potential are detected and compared with the preset tensile testing machine, the distance between the boom and the wire can be judged and an alarm can be given in time

the alarm consists of a detector and an alarm. At present, IKv, such as high gloss elements, is developing relevant processing technology, and the tester is installed at the crane boom end. The metal ball at the upper end is used as the detection probe to detect the electric field around the wire. The preamplifier inside the detector amplifies the weak electric field signal and sends it to the alarm for comparison and processing

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