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How much is the marketing value of SNS station?

"the power of gathering people" is the most appropriate sentence to describe SNS station. However, when SNS is interpreted to the extreme in schools, Kaixin and other stations, the mystery of SNS advertising has also been lifted. On the one hand, SNS stations urgently need to make profits through advertising, and on the other hand, whether SNS advertising is effective has become the focus of attention. How much advertising value does SNS station have

at present, SNS stations are clustered together. There is no doubt that SNS station has become a complete introduction and example of people's real stress testing machine. It has expanded the extension of interpersonal interaction. For example, primary school students, junior high school students, senior high school students and college students who have been lost for many years are forced to stop the operation of equipment for the second time; To a certain extent, Kaixin has built a platform for office workers to develop ambiguous relationships

but in essence, both Xiaonei and Kaixin are making wedding clothes for and MSN; When students who have lost contact for many years meet again in the school, and then establish a class group, what is their motivation to come to the school? When ambiguous office workers exchange MSN, will they still stick to happiness every day

sns station: value comes from solving a continuous fundamental demand of users.

how to develop SNS continuously must be able to solve a continuous fundamental demand of users. Like the campus, it has basically become a platform for finding people, so it is only an auxiliary tool for users' network life. After finding people, their network communication platform can be separated from the campus

so at present, the most valuable SNS station in China is not Kaixin, nor in school, but Douban. Why do you say so

it is expected that lithium battery materials and equipment will be in a state of strong demand and full orders in the next 2-3 years. On Douban, users can freely publish comments on books, movies and music, and search other people's recommendations. All content, classification, screening and sorting are generated and determined by users, and even the content appearing on Douban's home page depends on your choice

therefore, Douban solves a fundamental and continuous demand of users: ideological exchange. Before we consume books, films and music, we can first understand the use evaluation of others; After we use it, we can share our understanding with others

therefore, to give full play to the marketing value of SNS station, the first problem to be solved is whether the platform has solved a continuous and fundamental demand of users

sns micro content: not only the trivial records of life

users' participation in the creation of micro content is an important feature of Web2.0, but also the creation of micro content based on SNS platform is a good auxiliary for users to show themselves and serve their personal social interaction

however, when we open SNS stations such as Kaixin and Xiaonei, we will find that most users' logs are just life diaries, and the readership of these diaries is quite limited. That is to say, the interest audience of users' life diary is very small. Take the school as an example. In addition to paying attention to the life Diaries of close friends, secret lovers and lovers, other people's life diaries are really not appetizing

in other words, the micro content created based on the SNS platform is basically "junk information", which is of little value to users. Unlike Douban, the micro content created by users may affect the brand purchase behavior of other users

therefore, to give play to the marketing value of SNS, the second point is to stimulate users to participate in micro content creation. At the same time, we should pay more attention to how to make the content created by users serve the information needs of other users

sns station value: relationship is king

in traditional media theory, it is often mentioned that "content is king", that is, content is the core competitiveness of media. But for SNS station, how to build a huge interpersonal network and manage it at the same time is the core of its business value

therefore, for SNS stations, network, hardware and broadcasting are only a small part of their advertising value, and their core value lies in the relationship chain between people. How to infiltrate marketing information into users' interpersonal relationships and guide its spread is their core value

for example, Burger King's "friends for hamburgers": if you want, you can exchange your ten friends for a big hamburger (a real hamburger!), Just delete the ten friends on Facebook. In fact, a friend will not be deleted, but will send a message to your deleted friend (sns social networking sites have such a message. If you do something to him, he will have a message prompt) to tell you that you have become a victim of a hamburger. Haha, if you are not convinced, you can also install it! (in order to expand the influence, there will be a prompt for installing this plug-in in the friend's prompt message: to achieve the effect of one transmission of ten, ten transmission of hundreds!)

in short: at present, more than 80% of SNS stations in China are waiting to die. They have contacted a group of users, who have created a pile of junk information on them. These information is of little value; Moreover, due to the lack of good adhesion mechanism, users are prone to participation fatigue. When the users began to lose in a large scale during this period, the one established by SNS would have no commercial value

therefore, Cao Fanghua insists on this view about the marketing value of SNS stations. SNS has great marketing value, but how to give full play to this value, first of all, it needs to be an SNS station with a good user viscosity mechanism. Secondly, it needs to have a good marketing strategy, excavate the marketing information dissemination value of SNS stations according to the author's investigation of the relationship between people, and implant business information into the user's relationship

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