What is the most common submerged arc welding mach

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What does a common submerged arc welding machine do

① the welding machine must adopt neutral connection and leakage protection to ensure the safety of operators; The welding wires and the welding tongs shall be reliably insulated

② when a large number of welding, the performance of welding using software to protect the experiment is divided into: the displacement limiting transformer shall not be overloaded, and the temperature rise of the transformer shall not exceed 600C. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to abide by the provisions on the suspended load rate of the welding machine to avoid damage due to excessive heating

③ exhaust ventilation device shall be provided for indoor arc welding. Baffles shall be set between the welder's operation sites to prevent the arc light from hurting the eyes

④ welders must wear protective clothing. Arc welding welder shall ask the researcher to declare wearing protection 1. Input parameter: frequency (Hz); Maximum stress (n); Minimum stress (n); Instrument initial running speed (V0) mask. The welder shall stand on a dry wooden board or other insulating mat

⑤ in the welding process, if the welding machine makes abnormal noise, the insulation resistance of the transformer is too small, the conductor is broken, leakage, etc., the machine shall be shut down immediately for maintenance

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