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What is the impact of the promotion combined with artificial intelligence technology on all staff marketing

in the past three years, artificial intelligence has been written into government reports for three consecutive years, and its importance can be imagined. With the development of big data, cloud computing, IOT, Internet and other information technologies, AI, AR and other artificial intelligence technologies have developed rapidly, and also ushered in explosive high-speed growth. At present, all walks of life have begun to make efforts in the field of artificial intelligence, and the application of artificial intelligence is becoming more and more extensive

the effective application of artificial intelligence is also promoting the marketing reform of the market. Artificial intelligence marketing is on the rise. More and more entrepreneurs and investors focus on the application of artificial intelligence marketing

AI marketing is exactly a way of using big data and AI computing. The machine makes accurate and personalized judgments after analyzing the data of users' behavior habits, age, education, consumption habits, social characteristics, etc., so as to predict the products users want to buy and the content they want to know

what we are familiar with is the personalized search of today's headlines. Through the data-based calculation of readers' reading habits, we can recommend the content that customers are interested in with marketing content. This way can help enterprises greatly improve advertising effect and return on investment

I. what core technologies do AI marketing need

1. Big data

big data technology can gather the data that cannot be captured, managed and processed with conventional software tools within a certain time range, and obtain certain data results with a new processing mode. For example, what content users have read in the past three months, and which section of the content they have stayed in for the longest time, so as to get what content users are most interested in and what products they will buy

2. Although machine learning is equipped with some product specifications

machine learning itself is a multi-disciplinary interdisciplinary specialty in which composite materials are made of extremely strong fibers in polymers (plastics), covering probability theory knowledge, statistical knowledge, approximate theory knowledge and complex algorithm knowledge. It uses computer as a tool to simulate real-time human learning, and divides the existing content into knowledge structures to effectively improve learning efficiency

for example, through machine learning, users can predict their next routine actions, which can help them make correct marketing decisions

II. How to complete all staff marketing with the help of artificial intelligence technology

what is total marketing? At present, the most popular understanding of all staff marketing is to let all employees of the company participate in the marketing of a good concrete pressure testing machine as a construction project quality inspection center, and help the company achieve certain promotion results

that is to say, all employees should take the marketing department as the core, and the R & D, production, finance, administration, logistics and other departments should be market-oriented and customer-oriented to carry out marketing management (the integration of marketing subjects). All employees pay attention to or participate in the analysis, planning and control of the fault handling methods of the spring testing machine in the whole marketing activities of the enterprise, try to create the maximum delivered value for customers, maximize customer satisfaction, and enable the company to gain market competitiveness, so as to obtain long-term profits and long-term development

however, with the growth of post-90s and post-00s employees, it is a certain challenge to make employees obey the company's management uniformly. If you want all employees except the marketing department of the company to participate in the enterprise promotion, you need to use some tools to complete it

for example, you can assign tasks with one click, so that employees can easily complete tasks, and can automatically identify the completion of employees and evaluate the promotion effect. There are indeed such companies in the market that specialize in the research and development of such products. What they show and are recognized by the public is to promote them

the introduction of intelligent CRM is a combination of artificial intelligence technology, which has helped more than 300000 enterprises complete full marketing, and built their own private domain traffic pool

a push task system has been developed. The boss can release tasks with one click, and its AI radar system will automatically count the completion of employees. At the same time, it has also developed interactive systems such as articles, posters and videos to provide employees with daily hair circle materials, track the effect of each circle of friends, and judge users' preferences according to users' behavior habits

all staff marketing enables each enterprise to expand its own promotion channels at a low cost and expand its own influence and brand power. It is believed that with the help of artificial intelligence technology, it will become the most important marketing method for enterprises

Disclaimer: there are risks in the market, so you should be careful in your choice! This article is for reference only and is not used as a basis for trading

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