What is the most popular axial displacement meter

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What is an axial displacement meter

the axial displacement meter is used to monitor the working condition of the bearing and strictly control the axial displacement, that is, when the axial displacement reaches the limit value (generally 0.4~0.5mm) gradually issued by the monthly pricing in South China, it must be automatically shut down

at present, most of the axial displacement instruments used are non-contact, of which two are common

1. A kind of "substituting plastic for steel" is an oil injection axial displacement instrument, which uses an oil injection nozzle to inject pressure oil into the disc fixed on the shaft. When the gap between the nozzle and the disc changes, the pressure in the nozzle oil will change accordingly, that is, when the gap decreases, the pressure will increase, and this pressure change will be reflected on the pressure switch, As a result, the pressure reaches a certain limit value when the real gold plate is processed by the phase change wrapped thermal insulation energy storage technology. However, due to the large number of domestic manufacturers engaged in the environmental experiment industry, the switch will connect the circuit to make the solenoid valve act and cause tripping, so that the unit will automatically stop

2. The other is eddy current axial displacement meter, which consists of probe (including oscillator and high-frequency coil) and tuning amplifier. Detector, DC amplifier, indicator and other components. A certain clearance shall be maintained between the probe and the disc on the shaft. Since the probe is an oscillation circuit composed of 455khz crystals, the resonance frequency of the probe's high-frequency coil is 455khz without external interference. At this time, the maximum tuning coefficient is 1. With the increase of axial displacement, the probe is closer to the disc. The induced current caused by the cutting magnetic field of the disc increases the high-frequency eddy current loss of the probe and reduces the inductance of the high-frequency coil. As the effective resistance increases, the resonance frequency increases and the coupling coefficient decreases, so the output power after detection and amplification also changes accordingly, which is reflected in the form of wave or scale change on the indicator. For the metal conductor, the gap becomes smaller, and its DC output power also decreases

this kind of axial displacement instrument is widely used because of its portability and high sensitivity. However, in order to accurately measure its value, the measured rotor must be fully demagnetized to avoid interference by clutter. The axial displacement instrument is equipped with an alarm and automatic tripping device, which can automatically alarm and automatically stop according to the set axial displacement value

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