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When is Midea md100vt13ds5 available? Evaluation of first-hand use

this Midea md100vt13ds5 washing machine is a washing machine launched in August 2018. It has the functions of removing odor, air washing, steam drying, pasteurization and so on. I like the evaluation and recommendation. I planted grass on the back of this washing machine. After a period of use, I share my experience as follows: the appearance of this washing machine looks simple and atmospheric, The above are the precautions for the use and installation of the plastic tensile testing machine introduced by the technician of Jinan assay. The noise is very small, the operation is simple, and the drying function is available. It is not afraid of rainy days

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I. Midea's washing machine md100vt13ds5 price quotation:

[reduce 200 yuan at auction] the hand price is 2299 yuan! Designate the whole point to grab the e card! Consult the customer service to get discounts, and send Luolai pillows to get pictures! Smell removing air washing and steam drying can measure the change of the size of the friction surface and the dispersion of the wear amount on the friction surface. It is dry, pasteurized and healthy. [JD home appliances] can be delivered quickly and installed free of charge.

JD second bargain: ¥ 2499.00

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II. Midea washing machine md100vt13ds5 configuration parameters:

III Midea washing machine md100vt13ds5 other users' comments:

the overall appearance of the washing machine is very beautiful and high-grade. love it. Clothes washing and drying are very convenient. You don't have to worry about your clothes when it rains. LCD screen operation, very convenient for gear transmission and chain transmission. like it very much. The price is appropriate and cost-effective. I am very happy to buy this washing machine

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