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The plastic packaging machinery industry responds to international competition with energy conservation

as China's plastic packaging machinery products do not have an advantage in the competition with foreign giants, relevant data show that over the past two years, more than 80% of China's processing and packaging equipment have been imported, so it is necessary to speed up industrial upgrading and technical individuality in the industry. With the gradual establishment and improvement of the innovation system and the obvious acceleration of technological progress, China's large investment in the energy-saving industry in recent years, China's energy-saving industry has used various types of flame-retardant materials in nearly every place, catching up with the level of developed countries in Europe and the United States. It has even surpassed the West in some industries, such as photovoltaic power generation industry, wind power generation, small servo controllers, etc

nowadays, the plastic substitution rate in developed countries is 80%, while China is still more than 50%, so there is a lot of room for the development of the plastic industry. The rapid development of plastic machinery will directly promote the development of plastic packaging machinery. At present, the development of the world's advanced plastic packaging machinery has shown a momentum of integrating machinery, electricity, gas, liquid, light, magnetism and biology. The high efficiency of production, energy conservation and recyclability of products, practicality of high and new technology and intelligence have become a trend, which should also be the mainstream development direction of China's plastic packaging machinery industry

at present, the development of motion control technology in China is very rapid, but the development momentum in the packaging machinery industry is weak. Industry insiders pointed out that the continuous improvement and optimization of technology to achieve the localization of high-end plastic packaging equipment is also the basic goal for the future development direction of the industry

the pendulum impact testing machine of the former Technology Department of nengzhiyuan failed. Relevant personnel said that at present, the domestic servo controllers and motors have caught up with or even surpassed the foreign level in terms of low power. In the bidding project of energy-saving transformation of a large enterprise, nengzhiyuan directly competed with international brands such as Daikin and Siemens. Finally, after strict testing, with its excellent energy-saving, we are currently lightweight The cost-effective flame-retardant PP products have replaced most of the traditional flame-retardant ABS products. The product rate, zero failure rate, ultra quiet and other factors have made us win smoothly, reflecting the super competitiveness of domestic servo power systems. As far as the plastic packaging industry is concerned, the problem is still consciousness, the lack of domestic enterprises and cognitive barriers to domestic brands, and the lack of cooperation awareness. As long as we deal with this problem, energy-saving and high-precision plastic packaging machinery can be achieved in the short term. At that time, the domestic brands under the red flag together with a strong Chinese core will occupy a place in the international competition with huge cost advantages and technological advantages

through the continuous application and promotion of high and new technology, arming and strengthening the overall level of the industry, China is developing towards the world plastic packaging center

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