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Plastic packaging seizes the market of glass packaging for injectable drugs

glass has always been the preferred packaging material for injectable drugs, but its application has been replaced by plastic in some occasions. The growth rate of plastic pre installed syringes is expected to reach 8.8% per year

the protagonists in the plastic pre assembled syringe are all workers in our first line. The advantages of the syringe include light weight, crack resistance, good sealing performance, convenient design as a standard accessory for connecting the hypodermic needle. The mechanical property is more important than other physical properties, and it is very simple to use, which is conducive to preventing infection. It is estimated that the global sales of this product will reach 5.9 billion US dollars in 2007, especially in industrialized countries. Its price is 25% higher than that of traditional small tube injection packaging, which affects its promotion in developing countries

information source: Jialong international glass procurement

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