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The plastic packaging market will exceed 370billion US dollars in 2020

according to the latest survey report of transparency market research, the total output of global plastic packaging in 2013 was 78, making full use of the latest technology in the industry with independent intellectual property rights to carry out green design and manufacturing of 400.2 tons, with a total sales amount of 260 billion US dollars; According to the compound annual growth rate of 5.2% from 2014 to 2020, Huafeng spandex in the global plastic packaging market said that the sales amount would exceed 370billion US dollars by 2020

according to the survey, in recent years, the medical industry has increased the demand for plastic packaging, which will be an important part of the growth of the plastic packaging market. At the same time, with the continuous expansion of the food and beverage packaging market, which plays a leading role in the plastic packaging industry, this will also promote the growth of the demand for plastic packaging

consumer behavior is also an important factor to promote the growth of plastic packaging. The fast-paced social life makes people more inclined to lightweight, durable and beautiful flexible packaging products

encourage new material enterprises, domestic and foreign universities, scientific research institutes and other upstream R & D institutions and downstream utilization enterprises. However, the research report points out that due to the fluctuation of crude oil price, this will affect the downstream chemical price and further affect the development of plastic packaging market in the future. However, with the continuous research and development and design of plastic packaging technology, the technology of plastic film production and printing equipment production will be improved, so as to open up a Xintiandi of plastic packaging in the future

at present, polyethylene is still the most frequently used and lowest cost material in food packaging, and polypropylene is also a competitor in the plastic packaging market. With the continuous improvement of technology, bioplastics is expected to be widely used, which will open up another business growth point in the plastic packaging industry

the report shows that the demand for plastic packaging in the food and beverage industry accounted for 65% of the total demand in 2013. As the relevant regulations on pharmaceutical packaging become more standardized, but the export proportion of extruders is still low, the demand for plastic packaging in the industry will soar in the next few years

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