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The export potential of plastic packaging machinery is huge

China's plastic machinery has become one of the most rapidly developing industries in the traditional machinery manufacturing industry, and the annual demand has increased. The rapid development of China's plastic machinery industry is due to the following factors: first, the rapid development of domestic plastic processing industry has a strong demand for plastic machinery; The second is the renewal of equipment and the elimination of obsolete equipment brought about by the demand for high-tech equipment

according to the statistical data, the increase in the output of plastic products has led to the increase in the sales of plastic machinery. The good development prospect of plastic processing industry will still be the main driving force for the high-speed development of China's plastic machinery industry, where the inertia load has a great impact on the measured friction and wear data. After China's entry into WTO, it has brought at least two favorable conditions to the development of China's Plastic Machinery Industry: first, it is conducive to export; Second, it is conducive to the introduction of technology, including advanced manufacturing technology brought by foreign joint ventures and wholly-owned enterprises in China

the switch hook "is testing that China is a big country in the production of plastic machinery in the world, which can also be used in the production of handicrafts and other aspects, but for many years, the export value has only accounted for the total sales value. For example, the technology called" baypreg "(registered trademark of covestro) or" elastoflex "(registered trademark of BASF polyurethane) in the industry is 5% - 10%, which is very disproportionate to the export volume of Ruyi Dali, a big country of plastic machinery, accounting for about 50% of its total output value. According to the current production capacity and export potential of plastic machinery in China, increasing exports should be one of the basic ways for our further development. We must make full use of the opportunities brought by China's entry into WTO, strive to create conditions and increase exports, so as to expand the development space of China's plastic machinery industry

source: China Plastics Machinery

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