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Plastic packaging ushers in development

go to shopping malls to buy food, in bulk or in packaging? Of course, there are everyone's preferences. However, in recent years, customers have obviously bought less bulk food and more packaged food

the reason is that this sudden SARS has made people re recognize the importance of packaging

due to the influence of traditional concepts, China has been advocating saving packaging materials for a long time, reducing seemingly unnecessary packaging, so many bulk foods are popular. But in the face of an epidemic like SARS, people feel that packaged food is reassuring. In fact, not only food, but also any commodity will give people a sense of security after packaging. Obviously, packaging materials will usher in a new development in the "post SARS period". In addition, a lot of materials exported by China also suffered heavy losses due to unqualified external packaging, which shows the important position of packaging in the international market

when it comes to packaging materials, we have to talk about the need for testing equipment for the development of modern plastics industry. Packaging materials are the fastest growing field of plastic products processing industry. Plastic packaging is increasingly recognized and accepted by people for its advantages of light weight, transparency, beauty, flexible product design, water resistance, convenient use, good freshness preservation and low cost. Colorful plastic packaging stands out from the competition with traditional packaging materials such as paper, wood, iron and glass, and has become the fastest-growing material in packaging materials

plastic packaging products are dazzling and used for many purposes, including various films and hollow containers (bottles, cans, barrels). Among them, Ping An Jiaying No. 1 subscribes 36.6032 million shares, foaming products, turnover boxes, transparent sheets, linings, etc., which are used for packaging from fast food, beverages, fruits and other food to industrial products, household commodities, cosmetics, clothing, drugs, household appliances and other packaging. People can't live without shopping bags, garbage bags and refrigerator fresh-keeping bags. It's hard to imagine what people's life would be like without plastic packaging materials

Plastic packaging materials in China have developed rapidly, and the production capacity of many materials has increased rapidly, especially some products with relatively good performance. For example, as the base material of many packaging materials, biaxially oriented polypropylene film has much stronger tensile properties than ordinary polypropylene film. It has more than 70 production lines, with an annual production capacity of about 500000 tons; Biaxially stretched polyester film, 30 production lines, with an annual production capacity of 100000 tons; Biaxially stretched polystyrene sheet with good impact strength, vacuum aluminized film, high barrier casing film, coating film and other multifunctional packaging films have been produced; Three layer, five layer or even seven layer coextruded films or other composite films have replaced ordinary single-layer films in more and more fields with their excellent properties; Beverage bottles and hollow containers of various specifications and processes that produce or are greater than or equal to the measured tensile strength of reinforcement are everywhere, among which polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which can be hot filled, has a promising application prospect; In terms of food packaging, with the improvement of people's awareness of health and environmental protection, traditional foamed plastic materials, such as expanded polystyrene, are gradually being replaced by polypropylene with excellent thermal stability and degradability, while PVC fresh-keeping film is also replaced by polyethylene materials with more health and safety. This is the development direction of plastic packaging

needless to say, due to the increasing amount of waste plastics, including packaging plastics, which are generally difficult to decompose and are called "white pollution", they have been resisted in some countries and regions. However, in terms of environmental protection, manufacturers and scientific research departments of plastic production, processing and application have made positive efforts and achieved certain results. For example, we should increase the recycling of some plastics, including high-density polyethylene and pet, which are the fastest-growing plastic raw materials in packaging applications in recent years

another way to solve the problem of waste plastic treatment is to use degradable plastics to degrade the plastics in a short time after use. At present, biodegradable plastics, photodegradable plastics and light/biological combined degradable plastics have been developed, and the practical process of biodegradable plastics is the fastest, such as starch degradable plastics, which have been applied to the production of shopping bags and small packaging in some countries, but the strength of products needs to be improved. Plastic packaging produced in response to people's health needs will keep pace with social development and contribute to maintaining a good living environment in the new development opportunities

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