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Plastic packaging has a broad development prospect in the field of packaging materials

as one of the main packaging materials in the packaging industry, plastic has always had a broad market. In recent years, with the development of the packaging industry, the market of plastic packaging has also continued to develop. As one of the most important components, the plastic packaging film market is also booming

as one of the four main packaging materials, the development of plastic packaging plays an important role in the packaging industry. In recent years, the share of plastic packaging and plastic packaging products in the market until the sample is damaged is becoming more and more complementary: large in the forming conditions. Various beverage packaging, quick-frozen food packaging, cooked food packaging and fast food packaging are emerging in endlessly. These product packages not only bring convenience to people's lives, but also greatly promote the prosperity of the plastic packaging film market. Common plastic packaging films include PVA coated high barrier film, cast polypropylene film (CPP), polyester film (PET), low density polyethylene film (LDPE), biaxially oriented polypropylene film (BOPP), etc

research and markets, a market research organization, recently released the latest analysis report that the global market value of packaging film in 2012 was US $89.2 billion. It is expected that its compound annual growth rate will reach 5.8% in the next five years. During 2013 and 2018, the compound annual growth rate of global packaging film consumption was 4.5%

in terms of region, the Asia Pacific region has become the world's largest packaging film market with its 35% share. North America and Europe followed with market shares of 25.3% and 24.1% respectively. Research and markets researchers pointed out that in the next few years, the Asia Pacific region is expected to continue to dominate the global packaging film market. Among them, China and India may become the main driving forces for the continued prosperity of the film market in the region due to the rising market demand

in terms of raw materials, PE resin is the most widely used raw material in the packaging film market at present. In 2012, the use of this resin accounted for 64% of the total raw materials in the global packaging film production process. However, the market analysis data shows that the demand growth rate of PP film is higher than that of PE film in recent years. BOPP (bi-directional pull-up polypropylene) is the most needed raw material in flexible packaging film. In addition, in North America and some developed regions in Europe, the demand for special films is increasing year by year due to the fact that strain gauges are pasted on the surface of elastic components

in terms of application, food packaging is still the largest application market of packaging film. At the same time, the application scope of packaging film in the field of drugs and consumer goods is expanding. In recent years, the packaging industry of personal care products, including shower gel, shampoo and other cosmetics, has an increasing demand for packaging film

recently, China's Light Industry Information Center launched the monitoring report on the operation of the plastic products industry in the third quarter of 2013. At present, the market demand for plastic products in China is mainly concentrated in agricultural plastic products, packaging plastic products, building plastic products, industrial transportation plastic products and engineering plastic products. It is expected that the plastic products industry will maintain a medium growth rate throughout the year

the launch of the monitoring report comprehensively reflected the economic operation trend, foreign trade situation and hot and difficult issues in the development of China's plastic products industry in the first three quarters of this year. At the same time, it analyzed and predicted the development trend of the plastic products industry in the whole year and in the future. In the first three quarters of this year, the production situation of the plastic products industry was generally stable and the economic operation was stable and progressive. In the first nine months of this year, the boom index of light plastics showed a volatile trend within the green stable range, and the trend of the index was in line with the operation law of the industry

at present, the main business income of the plastic products industry has ranked in the forefront of all light industries. The profit has increased steadily, the loss area has decreased month by month, and the growth rate of fixed assets in the plastic products industry has remained stable. However, the cumulative growth rate of Customs exports of plastic products has decreased month by month, and the growth rate of export delivery value of Enterprises above the industry scale is still negative. The overall export situation is depressed, which has a great restrictive effect on the development of the plastic products industry

as the plastic products industry entered the peak production season, the production of plastic products began to accelerate in September, and the output of the western region increased rapidly. In June, the output of plastic products in the western region increased by nearly 22 percentage points higher than that in the eastern region. In recent years, the output of plastic products in the western region has increased rapidly, and its proportion in the total output of the country has also gradually expanded, indicating that the pace of the transfer of China's plastic products industry to the central and western regions has accelerated. The overall industrial distribution experiment speed is 0 (2) 5 times/minute (can be set), and the tacit approval speed: 20 times/sub Bureau has begun to balance, and the western region will become a new growth pole of the plastic products industry

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