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Plastic packaging highlights makeup Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. introduces how to sample V-belts when doing tensile strength tests: product charm

in the competition between plastic and glass, cosmetic packaging can be said to be one of the most stable positions held by glass packaging. With the continuous development of various new plastic materials, plastic packaging with the same transparent texture of glass, with its richer color effect and more convenient processing performance than glass packaging, is quietly entering the high-end cosmetics packaging market, and demonstrates the charm of cosmetics with a richer image. A variety of new materials, new technologies and new processes are emerging, providing a richer choice for cosmetic packaging design. For high-end cosmetics, designers and packaging manufacturers have made unremitting efforts to develop the most perfect packaging design in order to achieve the desired effect

transparent texture transparent texture is one of the important trends pursued by cosmetics packaging. The crystal clear appearance effect and rich and imaginative modeling make cosmetics suppliers favor transparent packaging. High-end cosmetics are flocking to. Transparent packaging gives people a sense of purity and is full of modern flavor. Special structural design can also create wonderful effects

risdon AMS designed a package for color eye shadow. The design requires that the PMMA inserts on the cover and bottom must match the color of eye shadow well. Engineers carefully adjust the color of the insert to compensate for the subtle color difference between the two molding. Finally, the upper and lower inserts match perfectly, as if a delicate sphere floats inside the cube. The technology involved in manufacturing this product is quite complex, including secondary injection, ultrasonic welding, hot melt bonding, hot foil bonding and customized automatic control technology. Geraldmartines, European sales manager of Risdon AMS, said: because the wall thickness is too large and changes violently, it is very difficult to process. We have to strictly control the tolerance to ensure the functionality and appearance effect of the packaging. Although the manufacturing process and process are quite complex, the effect achieved is unparalleled

in order to provide ninaricci with another similar product, toly company did not use the secondary injection molding process, but chose the low-cost assembly technology. The small packaging box has a transparent outsole and cover, and the interior is an electroplated bottom, inner cover and inner bottom

toly developed a special process to complete the connection of internal and external components. The material used is Eastar copolyester of Eastman. Its technological process is first injection molding transparent parts, and then assembly. Welding or bonding is not used in the assembly process. Because it is not feasible to weld electroplated parts technically, and the use of bonding may affect the transparency. Transparent packaging is one of the most important development trends of cosmetics and perfume packaging. Transparent packaging gives people a sense of purity, and designers give such a design a modern sense. The purpose of Eastman Chemical to develop transparent materials is to achieve the same aesthetic effect as crystal

the challenge of transparency the trend of transparency the Strategic Advisory Committee for the construction of national manufacturing power specially organized and prepared the potential, which is a challenge for the whole packaging. Rexam provides victonia`ssecret with a perfume bottle with a small pump. The plastic driver and ring of the pump are made of a special material to achieve transparency. Ganfeng lithium is synchronously recycling lithium containing wastewater, and the matched cap and bottle body are also completely transparent. R please have a detailed understanding of the following standards. 1 dennisdesrochers, vice president of sales of exam company, said: it is indeed a challenge to achieve the transparency required by victonia`s secret. We have never made a completely transparent structure of the pump body before, so we have to carry out a lot of experiments on different materials to achieve the desired effect

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