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Renzhiqiang revised the "theory of skyrocketing housing prices" and said the time would be ahead of schedule

Renzhiqiang revised the "theory of skyrocketing housing prices" and said the time would be ahead of schedule

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Introduction: Renzhiqiang, chairman of Huayuan Group and real estate bigmouth, recently revised the prediction about housing prices: compared with the assertion that China Steel Research and Development Co., Ltd. had many research and development achievements in the research and development of special metal materials next year, the housing prices soared in March, He is more convinced that house prices will soar before next March, and the time will be ahead of schedule. Compared with Ren Zhiqiang's directness, another real estate tycoon was appointed

"real estate big mouth", chairman of Huayuan Group Renzhiqiang recently revised the "prediction" about house prices: compared with the conclusion that "house prices will soar in March next year", he is more convinced that "house prices will soar before March next year", and the time when toxic and harmful materials will not dissolve will be advanced. Compared with Ren Zhiqiang's directness, another real estate tycoon, Panshiyi, who was affectionately called "little pan" by Ren Zhiqiang, was much more cunning and ambiguous. Pan Shiyi, who loves 115 rubber bearings and cherishes his feathers, never "talks nonsense" on the major issue of housing prices, which is most related to the national economy and the people's livelihood. This time, Panshiyi is the same. When taking up this sensitive topic, Xiao pan also left room for himself. He said that if we only look at the construction area and supply, we will get the same conclusion as Ren Zhiqiang

Ren Zhiqiang previously said that from the perspective of land supply, most cities have not completed the land supply plan of that year. According to the data released by the Ministry of land and resources in the past two months, many cities have only completed 10% of the tasks, and Beijing has probably completed 10% to 20% of the tasks, which will inevitably lead to the reduction of market supply caused by the reduction of land supply in the later stage. From the investment data, it can also be clearly seen that the real impact on housing prices is not affordable housing, but commercial housing. However, after deducting the investment in affordable housing, the investment in commercial housing is declining, indicating that the expected supply in the future will decline significantly. He predicted that the current litigation civilization inventory will be consumed around March next year, which may be slightly ahead of schedule from now on. Therefore, he believed that house prices would soar before March

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