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Renewable energy will dominate in the future

recently, Bloomberg New Energy Finance released the report "2016 new energy outlook". Recently, Bloomberg New Energy Finance released the 2016 New Energy Outlook report. According to the report, although the prices of coal and natural gas are likely to remain depressed, it still cannot prevent the fundamental transformation of the world's power system in the next few decades, that is, the transition to renewable energy such as wind and solar energy and technologies that contribute to system balance, such as batteries

the report shows that in the long run, the prices of coal and natural gas will fall by 33% and 30% respectively, and there will be oversupply in both. By 2040, the leveling cost of land-based wind power generation and solar photovoltaic power generation per megawatt hour will be reduced by 41% and 60% respectively. By 2020, these two technologies will become the cheapest pilot power generation mode in many countries

the report points out that renewable energy will dominate Europe and surpass natural gas in the United States. By 2040, 70% of the electricity in Europe will come from wind, solar, hydropower and other renewable energy plants, compared with only 32% in 2015. The assumed improper oil consumption of renewable energy power generation in the United States will jump from 14% in 2015 to 44% in 2040, and the proportion of gas-fired power generation in the same period will rise from 33. According to the differences of products, the temperature in the tank is also different, but basically within the temperature limit of ⑴ 80 ℃ ~ + 320 ℃, it can change up and down% to 31%

zhugongshan, chairman of GCL group, said that in the future, the production and use of energy will develop in a clean and intensive direction; With the decrease of system cost, the trend of clean energy will be dominated by automatic control without experiment

the CEO of Bloomberg New Energy Finance said: the prediction of coal and natural gas prices in the new issue of new energy outlook is significantly lower than that in 2015, but what is striking is that even so, the new prediction still shows that the transition to clean energy will continue rapidly in the next 25 years

experts pointed out that as a global power generation resource, natural gas will be surpassed by renewable energy in 2027. By 2037, renewable energy power generation will exceed coal power generation

the judgment of coal prospect is crucial to whether the international climate change goal can be achieved. At the Paris climate conference last December, 196 countries agreed to limit global warming, so that the rise of surface temperature should be controlled within 2 degrees Celsius and reach the peak of global carbon emissions as soon as possible. The 2016 new energy outlook shows that although the world has begun to shift to renewable energy, the carbon emissions of the power industry will not peak in the next 11 years

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