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Renice launched msata interface solid state drive with memory up to 256g

Renes upgraded its msata solid state drive, and renice X3 50mm msata (mo-300b) SSD memory can now reach 256g, which can meet the higher requirements of industrial equipment and personal computers

Renes, which once launched the first msata solid-state drive based on sandforce master control in China, recently issued a need to point out that it has deployed msata solid-state drives with a memory of up to 256g, which makes Renes one of the few leading manufacturers in the world to launch msata solid-state drives with a memory of 256g, and this product has also become a leading product in the field of solid-state drives

this product is named renice X3 50mm msata (mo-300b) SSD and is widely used in POS, set-top box (STB), printer Netbo "a successful exhibition, OK and tablet computer, has won wide praise from industry customers and ordinary consumers in the first-line markets such as Europe and the United States since its launch, and has been reported by well-known overseas professional media such as embedded computing, techpowerup, Yahoo and so on.

previously, Renes provided memory billet, and the transaction has improved to 25g, 60g, 120g renece X3 50mm msata (mo-300b) SSD,

this time, they expanded the memory of this product to 256g, leading manufacturers in the same industry, and further meeting the highest requirements of customers for memory of similar products. At the same time, the industrial wide temperature of Renesas msata solid state drive is -40 to 85 C, which can fully meet the requirements of industrial applications, and is not limited to consumer and enterprise users. Mr. Chu, the general manager of Renes China, said that in fact, it is not only msata solid-state drives, but all products of Renes have undergone strict and professional high and low temperature tests, which have confirmed that their industrial wide temperature can reach -40 to 85 C before leaving the factory. Renes' products are being selected and recognized by more and more industrial users

renice X3 50mm msata (mo-300b) SSD adopts MLC flash memory, which meets the industrial standard JEDEC mo-300b specification. It has fast reading and writing speed, so VRB battery can be charged with strong reliability. Its size is only 50.35 x 30x 3.46mm, and its weight is only 6G, which is very light. This 256g msata solid-state drive has been available in Europe and the United States for a period of time. Raines has received feedback from customers. According to customer practice, the maximum read rate of this product is 285mb/sec and the maximum write rate is 275mb/sec

there is no doubt that Renes, a new force in the solid state disk industry, has provided the market with products with excellent performance with their cutting-edge technology and high-quality services. In addition, Mr. Chu revealed that Renes will launch its self-developed master controller in the third quarter of 2012. It is believed that more and more manufacturers and ordinary consumers will adopt renice msata solid state drives and other types of solid state drives with excellent performance

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