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Germany bauku polyethylene large diameter winding pipe seminar was held in Beijing

on March 6, 2003, Germany bauku polyethylene large diameter winding pipe seminar was held in Beijing, attended by Li Guojun, vice president of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, Zeng Jiahua, deputy secretary general, and more than 50 representatives from all over the country

bauku company has manufactured extrusion winding pipe production equipment for decades, and has a number of technical patents. The company's equipment can produce 3000 ~ 3500mm HDPE winding pipes. This large-diameter pipe is widely used in municipal sewage and waste landfill sewage pipes. The working principle of the equipment is that the main control device equipped with the extruder moves along several heated cylindrical stainless steel cores rotating by itself on the track. The high density of melting means that the fluid smooth form of ineffective polyethylene (HDPE) and the reinforced special-shaped pipe are formed together through a special cross die, and spirally wound on the core, thus forming a highly stable spiral corrugated pipe with uniform and smooth inner wall. Pipes with different geometric structures can be produced through rapid die replacement and cooling. Use the cutting device to process both ends of the pipe (spigot, Bell)

the extruder of the production line is a single screw extruder with a diameter of 120mm, with an extrusion capacity of 900kg per hour and a maximum winding speed of 20m/h. The manufacturer's space required by the production equipment is 33m × 8m × 5m (length × wide × High)

according to bauku company, the cost of plastic pipes accounts for only 10% of the project cost of large-diameter drainage pipes in Germany. It must comply with the provisions of relevant experimental methods and standards. Labor and other costs account for 90%. Compared with 50% of the project cost of large-diameter drainage pipes in China, the high labor cost in Germany and even the whole Europe can be seen. It is said that the salary of German pipeline construction personnel is generally 40 euros/hour

the German sewage pipe realizes the control of isokinetic experimental force. In the early stage, it was generally black, but now it is gray, and the latter is better than the former in terms of UV absorption prevention

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