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BICES 2021 exhibitor style sensor expert - Wuhan Shengshuo

BICES 2021 exhibitor style sensor expert - Wuhan Shengshuo

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sensing control IOT, born for customization, expect BICES 202 as the supporting subject of all projects 1 to share the smart industry with you

about exhibitors:

Wuhan Shengshuo Electronics Co., Ltd. is a school enterprise cooperative enterprise mainly engaged in perception and control systems. It has more than 200 employees. It combines production and research with many universities. It has long been committed to the research and industrialization of vehicle electronic control technology. After thirteen years of enterprising, innovation and development, it has gradually grown into a domestic agricultural equipment enterprise Construction machinery and commercial vehicle supporting service base and strategic supplier

since Wuhan Shengshuo set foot in the field of electronic control of agricultural equipment in 2008, with its strong R & D and innovation ability, it has obtained more than 70 domestic invention patents and participated in national, provincial and ministerial special projects. If the net mass of the whole vehicle decreases by 10% 5; With excellent product quality and excellent technical support, it has become a provider of overall solutions for intelligent control systems of well-known agricultural machinery enterprises at home and abroad, such as China Yituo, Lovol heavy industry, Zoomlion Heavy machinery, Kele collection, Dongfeng Agricultural machinery, Wade, Changfa, Wuzheng, Shifeng, etc

in order to improve product quality, two flexible production lines have been introduced from abroad, and the latest international processes and advanced management concepts have been absorbed. Wuhan Shengshuo has the same level of manufacturing capacity in Europe

as a well-known domestic enterprise test base, we have a first-class laboratory in Europe and perfect testing methods, which provide powerful conditions for the development of E: power and transmission system products with more compact structure

based on China and serving the world is Wuhan Shengshuo's unremitting pursuit, and we look forward to walking with wisdom and sharing the wisdom industry hand in hand with you

introduction to qualifications and honors:

Wuhan Shengshuo has served many host factories at home and abroad since its involvement in the field of electronic control in 2008. The T-box products developed by our company have been used in large quantities on loaders, with precise positioning and remote control; The control handle is comfortable, durable and handy; The accelerator pedal is solid and labor-saving, accurate and reliable, with good user experience, and the feedback from the OEMs is also satisfactory. During this period, our company has received many commendations from the OEMs, and has won many awards such as excellent supplier award, product development contribution award, scientific and Technological Innovation Award from the OEMs. In addition to its own continuous efforts, it is also inseparable from the help and attention of the OEMs

Introduction to main products and services:

industrial control system automation, sensor development, development, production, sales and services: production, sales and technical services of automotive electronics and auto parts: self support and agency of import and export business of all kinds of goods and technologies (excluding the import and export of goods, technology import and export and agency import and export restricted and prohibited by the state): Sales of building materials: production of steel structures Installation: application of Beidou satellite positioning and navigation technology and product R & D, production (only branches), sales: agricultural machinery equipment service, maintenance and technical consultation: software development, application and sales: manufacturing and sales of power distribution switch and socket control equipment, intelligent charging equipment, general instruments and meters, intelligent electricity meters, intelligent water meters, intelligent unattended sales equipment, Ultra high definition TV is famous for its ultra-high definition, precise details, gorgeous color and high illumination. It is famous for the manufacturing and sales of intelligent control system equipment (for projects that must be approved by law, business activities can be carried out only after being approved by relevant departments)

contact information of exhibitors:

Hu Yan:, sales06@

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